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Changes at work
Thursday, March 26, 2015 || 3:48 pm

And as it gets mundane due to the absences of my close ones, it became worst when another one of my close is leaving me, again. This changes that i'm facing is affecting me emotionally. Here I am, left, alone. Just like how i started my day 1 at work. Not that i don't have any other colleagues. Yes, i do. But the feeling of having colleagues who you can trust and click along is different than just the normal colleagues. In fact, when i say my close ones, it means they're more than just colleagues to me.

It's a little depressing knowing i need to find new close ones at work, in which, it's a challenge for me. I'm thankful for the presence of B in my life. It gives me another motivation to keep pursuing what i want in life. That's life isn't it? The only constant thing that changes is changes itself. Changes will constantly happens even if we don't want it to happen. As for us, the only thing we could do is to adapt to these changes. Emotional support is definitely crucial to help us cope along the changes in life. That's how human cope in life. We depend on each other.

Thank god that i got closer to a bunch who pretty much can click along with who i am. The faith i have within god is the only thing that motivates me to be a better individual.

Thank you for all the blessings i've been given. Alhamdulillah.

Yours truly,

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200215 I Engagement of Syahidah & Basyir
Thursday, March 19, 2015 || 5:34 pm

An overdue event but so meaningful to me and ayg. The day her got 'booked' by her lover. I'm glad to witness this beautiful event and totally in love with the details of the outfit as well as the color scheme.

It's much fun to create your own outfit based on your wants. Than just renting the existing ready outfits. Again, it's up to individual. For some, they do not want to go the hassle of finding their own outfit etc. Personally, I felt like doing my own one when my day arrive. Wish I could do that for wedding outfits as well but I think that's a little too complex.

So, just yesterday I had a date with ayg and she treated me for lunch & dessert and I love the simplicity of our meet ups. More to neighbourhood area, a quiet and cosy environment.

May god bless their love and hope everything goes smoothly till their big day. Insyallah. :)

Yours truly,

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150315 I Wedding of Nuraani & Budiman
Sunday, March 15, 2015 || 11:28 pm

I was invited to witness a beautiful joyous occasion today. One of my close girlfriends got hitched! I was there as early in the morning and got to know the nikah process was already done and all left was to help out with the stuffs downstairs.

Yes, you don't need so many friends or even a big number of invitations. Her event was a small one only 200 pax invitations yet it was a beautiful one. We get to stay throughout and I get to entertain the little ones plus making sure the food was enough for the guests.

Indeed, I'm glad to see the familiar faces again and her angels have grown so much! Despite that, they still remembered me but not so much of the moments we used to have when they were younger.

Definitely a moment to cherish with the little ones. In addition to this happy event, I received another good news from a friend :) May allah bless their love & last till jannah.

Yours truly,

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Wedding of Arena & Adam Farid
Sunday, March 08, 2015 || 10:13 pm

My dearest congratulations to Ryna, who was once my primary schoolmate cum relative. Seeing how much she's gone through for the past decades, i'm very happy that she has found her other half. More surprisingly is that her hubby was once my ex colleague who i ever went on a vacay together as a group. That's such a small world isn't it?

From what she had shared with me, it seems that this time round this love is blessed so much with all the unexpected surprises that came along with this wedding. It was a simple occassion and that's what it matters.

I pray for this love to be blessed with many happy moments to come. :)

Yours truly,

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Endless wedding invitations
Monday, March 02, 2015 || 8:14 pm

He received a bad news today and it hurt him so much because it's affecting the both of us.

I've been so preoccupied with other commitment these days. Hardly have time for myself. I'm juggling with numerous commitments but i'm glad so far, i'm doing pretty good in juggling it. Just that, sometimes, body became tired due to this new routine, it caused me to neglect my duties and my workout session. I need to revise my time management again to have a balance in life.

In a nutshell, i'm learning alot these days. Even that first and probably first session of me as a client, open up my eyes to the reality of this career, if i were to pursue it. It's not that easy after all. Even after a session of it, it feels overwhelming. Hats off to those who could do more than a session per day. I'm still learning so much more.

This new journey is so filled with the kind of knowledge that not only benefit me as an individual but the people around me.

And to you, stay strong my love.

Can't wait for my upcoming vacay, one that i need badly!

Yours truly,

Colleagues that kept me going
Friday, February 20, 2015 || 1:18 am

Yours truly,


His big day
Monday, February 16, 2015 || 5:10 pm

The day my king got older and i got a car to drive him around. It was very fulfilling, we get to explore Sungei Buloh, to the old cemetry where his old ones were there, it looks well maintained despite being buried in a deserted spot compared to the newer ones. I like the peaceful ambience of the surroundings.

We managed to explore the roads of lim chu kang, passing by jln bahtera etc Passing by such roads, makes me reminisce the times i went for camps during my childhood days. It was probably one the best times of my life because i truly enjoy being in the outdoor and bonding with the strangers.

Now, at this stage in my life, no more i resort to going for holidays! hehe.

Explored lim chu kang, brought us to west coast where we were supposed to dine at the hawker centre but i couldn't really figure out on how to go and so we ate at the plaza as Pa was already cranky and famished. -,- His withdrawal symptoms is really bad! :((

The next stop, we went is at seah imm because my sis was craving for the pad thai..As for me, had light dinner then, we proceeded to the indoor stadium. My intention was to stop at tanjung rhu but i didnt turn at the right road, so, it leads me to the other part, closer to the new national stadium. A nice place to sit and chill. Indeed, they built a new shopping centre just beside the stadium.

Ma being herself, upon seeing ntuc in the mall, did some grocery shopping. And..that wasn't the last stop. Ending off the day at Rubinah as Pa was feeling hungry, again. -;- Me on the either side, still felt full from dinner and so, i went somewhere else with my babes while waiting for my folks to dine. Done with their supper, we went home, like finally. hehe.

So that's how i fully utilize a day of having a car. 

Yours truly,


Pre Wedding of Amy & Elfe
Friday, February 06, 2015 || 1:19 pm

Few weeks back, B accompanied me to recce this pretty place for a photoshoot session of amy&elfe. It's true that prettier places are hard to reach without a transport. That being said, the urge for me own one is so strong. Not just for own personal use but also for such situation, when conducting shoots etc.

Either me or fil has to have one soon...
Somehow, for some location, it's easier when travel by bike than car. Reason being, car, have to consider on where to park etc As for bike, it's not so much of an issue. Nevertheless, thank god that so far for all the shoots i've covered, there's not much issues on going to the desired location.

For this couple, in which the guy loves motorbike, he decided to have a pre wed shoot along with his big baby. It was fun. I had fun, going from one spot to another. It was my first time shooting with this theme and i'm still exploring how to make it better. I didn't really have proper gadgets when shooting in the dark thus, i resorted to using what i have.

Thank you to dear B for helping me out. hee. He was being very helpful bringing me around, becoming the lightman for the day, wish i could have more lights to captures the features of the bike in the dark. Well, atleast, this experience have given me exposure on what to take note of and the kind of effects that i could or want to achieve at the end of the day.

For this couple who's been together for few years, chemistry was already there. Thank you for trusting me to shoot for the day. Till then, best wishes and insyallah we'll see again on the big day.

Oh, so if any of you are interested to engage me as your photographer, do fb search me at :
Saffy Greenfreak
Email :

Yours truly,

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My prayers been answered
Friday, January 30, 2015 || 1:24 pm

Ever since that day you went it, every night, my prayers goes out to you. Today, finally, is the day. After this, i hope this will make an impact in your life as well as ours. What i realised is that we've been taking for granted of what been given to us all this while. Health is the number one issue that can't be bought by money.

Sickness, it can strike anyone and anytime. That goes the same for death as well. Sometimes, there are no specific reason as to how or why one is striked by certain illnesses. I guess, these are all from the almighty. I'm sure certain people are chosen for a reason. A healthy man today can fall terribly ill the next day or even passed away. Life is so unpredictable and fragile in so many ways. Yet, we always have this mindset that we have a long way to go or we thought being healthy permits us to live longer. This might not necessarily be true.

I've witnessed enough to realised that death may strike anytime. It comes to a realisation that for all these health and wealth that has been given to us, by none other than almighty, there's only one way to say thank you, pray. Pray not just to thank for all the blessings, pray for courage, strength and believe in miracles of prayers.

That being said, that fateful day, i did something that was done when i was small. This pair of hands starts to feed the one who fed me till i'm able to feed myself. That touched me so deeply that i've realised that now is the time to take over their position. I need to be more observant, sensitive and give more of what i can. These few days, been tough on us. I'm not sure why but i felt so drained. Not that i did much physical work but i guess it's more of emotionally drained. It's tough when something happens and we all have to start adapting to sudden changes. It takes sacrifices and commitment.

I shall end off with expressing much gratitude and love to the ones who raised me up and showering me with never ending love.

Always in my prayers.
 i love you.

Yours truly,


He breathe, he collaspe and i'm here, praying
Thursday, January 29, 2015 || 12:31 am

It hasn't been good. It came one after another. The loss, the failure, the despair, the courage needed and the prayers we hope for.
Sad to say, life is gloomy on my side as for now. All i can do is praying for the best. For the weak to be given strength. For the heartbroken to be saved. For the love to rejoice. For the feeling of angst, to fade. For it to subside and return as per normal.

And more scarry than ever, due date is around the corner. Plus, an upcoming shoot. I need to sort out my schedule and time management.

Get well soon, with lots of prayers and love, always.

Yours truly,