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Journey as a trainee counsellor

I don't think many know this about me but this is what i'll be sharing for today. Fact is, i'm coming to almost to the end of it. I should have start to jot this journey down earlier but time is always limited for me.

I've to keep going to and fro, sacrificing my sleep and money, hitching here and there just to be punctual, just to have alittle more rest. It's been a challenge but i didn't feel like dragging myself to the sessions.

There were days that I'm at my site and none of the clients turn up, it felt like my journey to the site was wasted and i could've my rest at home but i tried not to dwell on it and instead, i tried to be productive. Even sharing or exchanging views with the other counsellors there is a learning journey for me. This truly give a meaning in my life. For once, i felt that my life is not stagnant.

There is so much more to learn and to learn from. I've encountered clients from various age group, race and nationalities. This e…
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A new form of motivation!

12 April 2018, the date i signed up for something which...i never really ever see myself doing so. But...i am doing it for a good cause. Firstly, to motivate myself for the benefit of my health and physique. Secondly, to have the opportunities for our common interest at a common space!

I shall not reveal more info as for now. As the space is not even ready to operate but i am looking forward to this new commitment. I have to commit more since i've invested in it. I shall disclose more information once the space is ready for operation.

Another memorable event that happened within this week, was that...B and me went for our first visit to this beautiful cosy place and we were given the opportunity to make some selection among the variety that were provided. It was...a tough decision but the staffs there made us feel so warm and welcoming. I felt really comfortable with their service provided. For once, i felt happy making this decision and for B to also agree in this, it really ma…

His 31st celebration

Days before his special date, i was thinking through what should i do for him? So after doing numerous research, reading here and there for some inspiration, finally, i've decided to make a memorable surprise for him.

It was our first visit to Elements Wellness at Centrepoint. I thought, he deserved a good self pampering session for working hard day and night. And so, i made an appointment via online with them. On the actual day, itself, we were late by 30-40mins. I almost thought that we would missed out appointment. I was preparing myself for a second plan at the back of my mind if this plan fails.

Fortunately, they still welcomed us warmly. We were asked to fill in our particulars etc And off we started with the services that i've booked for. I'd rate it as 4 out 5 because truly, it was a wonderful experience being there. The staffs there made us feel very welcomed and the massage was good! After the whole session, we were consulted by one of the staffs who introduced …

27 only...

This happens only once a year and this year, it was extremely special...due to the fact...of i shall not disclose. Anyways, B was kind enough to spend this special day with me. I wasn't expecting anything, the fact that he was from night shift and all...But this sweetheart actually had some plans at the back of his mind.

He brought me to harbour front first, asking me to wait somewhere for awhile, few minutes later, he appeared with a wide smile holding something in his hand, which was very predictable...a birthday cake. But what was unpredictable was that he got it from Awfully Chocolate!

I've been wanting to try their cakes! OMG. True enough, it's the kind of cake that i love. Taste of dark chocolate and rich in moistness of the cakes, i love the fact that it's not overly sweet unlike most cakes. Next stop, he rode up to the harbourfront ...which i thought we would just sit and stargaze or something along that line...

But he was saying something like we are in rush.…

Welcoming Ariq Na'il

This is a throwback post of a significant day in which i got to meet Ariq Na'il for the first time! Her mom is a dear friend to me, in fact, like more than friend because her little angels call me 'ibu'. They are truly such angels...who enjoy spamming my hp with their boomerang.

When their mom ask why they do so? They mentioned, "Later ibu go honeymoon can see our videos.." hehehe. So funny of them, so blessed to be able to visit my dear nani because my schedule was hectic lately but i'm so glad B could tag along. It seems that the girls warmed up pretty quickly with him as well.

May Ariq Na'il to grow healthily and always be blessed with happiness!

Yours truly,  saf

Always in my prayers, and misses

The kind of sacrifices i have to make, during this tough phase. 2 major obstacles are done and i'm left with 1 major challenge to face next and it's only a matter of time. And it's making me very anxious because i'm worried if i don't have enough time to absorb everything that is needed in order to overcome this final obstacle.

At this point of time, i'm pretty much blessed that i could depend on my godgrandma for being able to stay over at her place to do some intense mugging session with a dear friend. I'm so close to the final lap and i can't wait for it to be over.

I've been sacrificing alot of time with B and it makes me frustrated when we have difficulties to even see each other. I tend to express my frustrations towards him wishing that he could do something about it. Sometimes, maybe, i guess, i'm not being practical but i really hate the fact that our quality time is so limited, always.

I've been talking around and made up my mind t…

3 cheers for thrice the effort!

If it's meant to be, it will be.

The first attempt was close but ended up, unsuccessful. The second was, not by any chance. But the third, was the final. And final means, finally!

On 25/10, We felt so relieved that we managed to secure it. It was really a memorable moment. Along with his folks, who came down to witness, i felt so thankful that we got what we wanted. The similar area as to what we chose based on our first try. The next step, i waiting for the successful application of the 'extra help'. If all goes well, by February 2018, we'll be receiving some good news.


On another note, i'm looking forward to the end of this sem, it has been a torturous process for me. It worries me endlessly when i'm nearing deadlines. I've to sacrifice so much of dating period and my social life. As much as i hate to do so, it seems that's the only way because i'm always running out of time.

I just can't wait for this to be over! Period.