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Samyang Korean Noodle Challenge!
Wednesday, July 29, 2015 || 11:30 p.m.


It was one of our night date and we decided to try this spicy Korean noodle. Yeah, me, myself and I who can't stand spicy food is willing to try this noodle and I have to say it was such a torturous process for me. I could literally feel the heat up in my mind and my tongue became numb and I felt dizzy. Maybe it's due to the reaction of the spicy. Lucky, we got a big bottle of milk. hehehe.

In conclusion, yeah I didn't managed to eat all of it without drinks in between usual B managed to, it was spicy for him too but his tolerance level for spicy is better than me. :(

Enough, that will be my first and last time trying that spicy noodle. It was still an interesting experience though. Go try yeah? hehehe.

Yours truly,


Friday, July 24, 2015 || 2:18 p.m.

Praises to the almighty for giving a little more to me this year. Somehow, thankfully, I managed to get leave for raya after few years of working and failing to get it. Finally, I got it this year and I even managed to drive my family around with the extras that I have. Paps is not at his best condition as compared to other years. So, it's the least I could do to reduce this burden and whatevernots.

The first 3 days managed to meet majority of my closed ones and so that's pretty much of my hari raya celebration for this year as of now. Weekdays, people starts working and coming weekends..i might be working so, not much opportunities to go for visiting as much.

I would like to share my experience of driving a Mitsubishi Outlander, got a brand new car and I totally didn't expect it. I rented car at Chan's Car rental. Upon partial payment of the car, I was asked to choose a car from CAT A and CAT B. CAT A I chose was a Toyota picnic as I drove it before, so I thought it's safer to choose cars which I'm already familiar with. From CAT B was Toyota Estima. Cars from CAT A cost slightly cheaper about $100-200 cheaper as compared to CAT B. Only closer to the date will they inform the outcome of our choices. I was telling B that most probably, they will release car from CAT B as it cost more. Obviously, the company wants to earn more, isn't it?

And...I was right! On the day of collection itself, they called and told me that Estima was not available instead, they upgraded me to Mistubishi Outlander, a brand new car. I didn't have much choices but to agree with whatever that has been offered to me. I was telling myself 'don't tell me it's the huge MPV type.'

So, I went over to the venue for collection and then, they showed me the car. It wasn't as huge as I imagined it to be and I pretty much loved it. Just that, it consumed quite an amount of fuel. Even B enjoyed driving it. hehehe. It was a good experience and the service provided by the company was clear and hassle free. I didn't have any issues with the car as well as the services provided and definitely wouldn't mind coming back again.

For the north siders, if you're looking for a reliable car rental company, you can try dropping by :
Chan's Car Rentals
363 Sembawang Rd, 758379
6753 2536

Yours truly,


Iftar with girlfriends at Citrus By The Pool
Tuesday, July 14, 2015 || 12:13 a.m.

Its been so long since I last saw Minn and this iftar is definitely one of the memorable iftar I had for this year. Our conversations kept on going till it was time for us to part our ways. It's so interesting how our careers could actually help each other in some areas. I'm so blessed and thankful to have friends like these. It's surprising that some are also looking forward in setting up sidelines as a product of interest and who knows we could joint venture someday?


Yours truly,


Wee! Rainbow after rain
Monday, July 13, 2015 || 3:14 p.m.

Been through thunderstorm and my thoughts are killing me.
I pray to seek for solace and contentment from the one and only.
To show me what I deserve and what is good for me.

After enough of letting out, I'm surprised by a gift from my love. heee!
Alhamdulillah, I'm fine, thank you.

Loooove the rose. So jorjeous.

But indeed, it taught me that we are all learning. Learning to understand more of one another.
Certainly need more time.

Ramadan is coming towards the end. :(
All the devils will be booking out soon but I hope this wont be my last Ramadan.
I'm looking forward to do more the next one. Insyallah.

Yours truly,


A day of running errands
Monday, July 06, 2015 || 11:39 p.m.

Having a family is one of god greatest blessing. A supportive and united family is indeed important for the well being of oneself. However, having a big family with few errands to run might be an issue. Especially when one family can't fit into one cab. It could be quite a hassle going to and fro.

Thankfully, I'm able to drive around and so, initially, thought of renting a car for a day but after some words of advice by lovely B, he suggested to get his friend's car instead. Save cost, definitely. Well, I didn't really thought of driving the whole bunch since I got a normal 5 seater car but..somehow or rather, they managed to squeeze at the back with all the groceries shopping and I managed to get the errands all done in a day. :)


The area around kallang wave mall is quite nice to just sit and mosquitoes, as far as I've tried. The thing about chilling out at night is sometimes, it could be quite irritating. We could already found a nice spot but the presence of the mosquitoes just had to spoil it. The other day me and B were just chilling out at around punggol area and end up got bitten by sandfly, we didn't even sit for about up to 15mins!!!

That's how fast we were attacked! Damn it. The itch is still on going till today. Damn. Ended up, went home right after that due to time constraint.

On another note, Ramadan is left only 10 days :( Sad that I can't do much for now. To those who're able to..don't waste these few days left. :))

He's aging, he's gotten weaker. Unable to walk for far distance, will get tired easily and breatheless. He's taking care of his diet but still continuing with his nicotine addiction. Still worries me. I wish for my future one to stop this nicotine addiction too, it won't give any benefit in the long run. :(

Thank you dear almighty for making everything goes smoothly. Syukran.

Yours truly,


Friends like these
Friday, July 03, 2015 || 12:29 a.m.

It's true we tend to have lesser meet up these days but it's perfectly fine because whenever we meet up, things has always been the way it is. No awkward feeling or whatsoever, we can literally just lepak and talk about everything. It's nice that we managed to have this breakfast session together. Thank you dear steph for accommodating to us.

I'm happy for dear steph who will be the first to get hitched. Shall give her best wishes and hope everything goes smoothly for her. hee! in line is..i can roughly assume? hehehe. No names shall be mentioned but again, we all can only plan so much only left with god to decide.

These are the kind of friends that I truly treasure. Not only, we're able to click and tolerate each other's nonsense but also we help each other and give advises when in need. Thank you for the lovely people and I'm blessed to have this bond from puberty period till now. hehehe.

Yours truly,

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Ramadan 2015
Wednesday, July 01, 2015 || 7:03 p.m.

No one can run away from sinning because we are all sinners. Either way we will still sin as long as we're alive but that it's an excuse for us to stop repenting.

Alhamdulillah for this year, some improvement and changes were observed. I'm blessed and thankful for witnessing the beautiful progress. What matters is slowly and surely. Trying is better than not trying at all. I thank god for answering my prayers. All I want is the best for each of ourselves.

In fact, one of my target is achieved this year. Apart from that, rough planning is done and that really helps to ease my anxiety and worry. I've no idea why I was filled with worry and doubtful about it.

Insyallah, things will get better. Soon, sem 2 will begin and it'll be tougher than the beginning but I hope i'll pull through.

I need to sort out and control my emotions, filter these bad thoughts and emotions within me. Throw away the negativity and live life positively.

Yours truly,

i'm losing myself
Monday, June 22, 2015 || 1:14 p.m.

I realized a change but I'm not too sure the exact cause of it. I thought it was just me. Or probably my work lifestyle or the things I see in the media. Today, I watched a video and I realized how much it has impacted me, deeply.

The actions that affected me not instantly but slowly and subconsciously. When I see myself, I don't feel loved or even a good vibe within me. I felt depressed and unappreciative. Most times, I know it's wrong of me to feel that way. I pinch myself to make myself realize of the blessings I've been given and then, calmed myself to look at what I have instead of what i don't have.

Often i asked, 'Why do i even have such issues now?'

Maybe it started ever since I'm down with breakouts and even after I've recovered it, it takes time to build my self esteem back. It's not easy. People can tell me how i should feel but it's the thoughts within myself that I've to deal with. It's always a war within my head. A battle of losing and repairing myself.

Then, it made me realize, I've stopped loving myself. I need to take actions to regain back my old self. If i don't love myself, then who will?

No one has the right to make me hate myself. I should not let that happen.

Yours truly,

First visit to MUSEE Platinum at JEMS
Monday, June 15, 2015 || 7:51 p.m.

I've visited to two other places before coming here. This time round I took the package that I've been wanting. A total of 40 shots at the lower area and about 19-20 shots each at the upper area. What impresses me was the cleanliness of the surroundings and how spacious each cubicle is. I've been to Fabulous Tan before, it was good but I would say MUSEE was better? The way the staff treated me and the follow up steps taken for maintenance was good. It was better than Fabulous Tan. Sales wise, Fabulous Tan was more pushy as compared to MUSEE, no hard sales at all.

Difference was that at Fabulous Tan, no applying of cooling gel was needed and not much post maintenance services. Level of pain is minimal, similar to MUSEE.

What prompted me to try here was the deal that I saw at Groupon. However, instead of taking the deal that I bought, I signed up for another package. So, having said that I've referral cards, in which, if you're interested for a discount, I could give you my referral card for your benefit. :)

Do contact me if you're interested in getting it.

That aside, I've had 2 dreams that caused me to breakdown upon waking up. It was so devastating and I couldn't bear going through it again. I don't want to repeat the same mistake again. I'm not sure if that's just a dream or a sign. Whatever it is, I pray for strength and guidance.

Yours truly,

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Monday, June 08, 2015 || 7:32 p.m.

Within that few games we've had, not once I won over you. Then, I discovered how smart you actually are. The first time you sketched me also made me realized how you're such an artistically inclined individuals, also along with your other abilities that impressed me.

It's funny because that little talk we've had made me realized a similar personality that we both had. Now, that's a little dangerous because it might lead to conflict.

But I won't forget being there because it's one of my targeted places to go. Truly, I felt satisfied being there and looking at the surroundings of the location, I fell in love with it. Surrounded with greenery, away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city. The best thing is, I'm able to stargaze due to the darkness of the surroundings. That gives me the feeling of serenity. It's beautiful.

Most importantly, with you, it's just splendid!

Yours truly,