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Iftar with lepak gang
Thursday, July 24, 2014 || 2:53 am

Alhamdulillah for today. We managed to iftar together. It ain't easy to have frequent meet ups due to our work etc However, today, we managed to have it without much difficulties. Ironically, Arep was the first to reach the location. We had Botak Jones, somewhere near for us.

It's my second time dining there and the food was yummy! I remembered my first time eating there, it was goood! :) I think it is worth the amount you paid for. Done with iftar, we had a short lepak session together. Something that we rarely do these days. Totally love the bunch when we're out together.

There have been numerous flight accident here and there. My prayers goes out to the air crews, hope my loved ones are protected from any tragic incidents.

Anyway, missing B :(

Yours truly,

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So soon
Tuesday, July 22, 2014 || 5:31 pm

It passed by just like that. I didn't do as much when i have the opportunity to do so. I gave myself in more this time round, i'm not too sure why i'm not as discipline as the previous year. Now, i'm in a state where i can't do much but i won't stop doing whatever i can. Just so i can benefit the most from it. With much hope and prayers, this won't be my last. As i told myself for sure, next year should be better than the previous.

Anyway, few happenings in life here and there. Catching up with some good friends and spending time with loved ones, i can't thank god enough for the lovely people around me. Did some simple spring cleaning and i realized, it's time to throw away things that once meant alot to me. It's not done yet, more to be cleared but i've always treasured little things. But i can't anymore cause it's taking too much space. I need space for new stuffs.

Moving on, conversations with ayg gets serious these days. I can see how she is getting serious with her other half, in which, i'm more than happy for her. She told me an important message, ' Maybe that presence isn't here to stay. But it's meant to teach you more about life.' I couldn't agree more with her. Somehow, i love how frank she is with me because she knows so much of what i've been through.

These days, mind gets so active, sometimes, it's taking it's toll on me. Unable to sleep due to endless thoughts etc. I've had so much up there, that one day, i was out with B but still didn't have the opportunity to share much and as a result, we met again the next day. He sacrificed his sleep just to hear my rants and it felt really great to be able to share. :)

Sometimes, it's the thoughts that kills and i don't know how many times i need to remind myself.
B now knows how i look like when i'm deep in my thoughts and he will start to question me there and then. hee.

That's all for now. I should blog more. I need to write down little events that means alot to me. Cause i'll never know if i'd go through these little events anymore.

Do as much as you can for this last few days people.


Yours truly,

Art & heart
Sunday, July 13, 2014 || 5:29 pm

We headed to SAM today to witness some interesting works consisting of contemporary arts. I enjoy appreciating these deep art works in which is a way of expressing oneself, in which, for some it may be very abstract that only the artist know the deep message lies within it's art work. B was sweet enough to accompany me, then, sending me off to meet my ex colleagues. Uni came all the way from phillipines to spent time with us. Not only that, she puts in effort in uniting us together and indeed it was such a nice mini reunion for us!

I cant deny these bunch of colleagues are the nicest that i ever worked with. Somehow, we could just get along well and i believe we did great as a team. Truly, it is a blessing to experience working together and still be in contact till now. Uni is already back at her hometown by now but i know, we will always stay close with each other deep in our hearts. :)

And..being with B will always have a little bit of drama. I'm glad that it turned out fine and he's safe as he is now.
Much love!

Yours truly,

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Out of love
Wednesday, July 02, 2014 || 2:08 pm


Maybe, just maybe.

But things happened. It's shattered.

Yours truly,

It aches so much
Sunday, June 29, 2014 || 10:11 pm

Some of the ones i knew are going through terrible heartaches, breakups etc

My prayers for the ones i care, for god to give you strength to move on.
To believe in your destiny and have faith in god. For only god knows what's best for you.

It ain't easy, it never was.

I don't know what came up but i was quite surprised to received that. All the past came flashing by and it affected me for quite a while. This feeling i cant quite describe and i wish i know why i'm even feeling this way.

Anyway, this year ramadhan, i hope will be better than previous insyallah. I pray and hope that god will open up the hearts of the ones i love to be closer to him. Even if you rarely pray or have not been praying for years, maybe it's time to push yourself for a change? Don't waste this ramadhan period.

Praying doesn't make you a total saint. It's just a start to make you into a better person. Insyallah.

Yours truly,

Special B!
Saturday, June 28, 2014 || 7:08 pm

Something in the way you make me feel, something in the way you make me smile & laugh.
Cause baby, it's all about us. :)


Yours truly,


Moving on to greener grass
Wednesday, June 25, 2014 || 9:45 pm

Nothing remains constant in this world, not even our faith.

That being said, one of my close ones left me. She started off as my mentor. Guiding me at work then we became close, closer than just colleagues. I'm truly glad to have her as a mentor. It turned out we clicked so well, till now. Alhamdulillahh.

Throughout the years we are together, we went through alot of adventures, been there for each other and witnessed each other's transformation. I'm very mush disheartened with her farewell but i know it's all for her own good. She left for good. She left this hell for good. Soon one by one of my close ones will leave me. I'm so bad at coping with changes. :(

Especially involving my loved ones leaving me. As much as i hate to think about this, the time will come. I know. Whatever it is, i will always pray for the best for you. I look forward for your big day and hope this bond will not end here. :))

Then, i thought to myself, how long more will i stay?

On another note, that night incident. It made me lose my sanity. For a while, i fell, i gave in, almost, fully. But, i stop. I fight against it. It's tough. It gets tougher as i grow older but i know i have to fight against the urge.

Just dissapointed. :(

And to you, when will you ever keep your words?

Yours truly,

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Staycation with Bbs'
Saturday, June 21, 2014 || 4:42 pm

Every heartbreak brings girls together.

Dear girls, there are times you neglect your friends because you think you're prioritizing your partner. But what happens when your partner leaves you? You resort to going back to being with your girls. This is an undeniable fact.

In fact, it occured to me few occassions that every heartbreak has it's blessing in diguise.
A tip for all girls, don't push away your girls just because you've a partner. Yes, we all have to prioritize but learn to balance it out. :)

The staycation i had with my Bbs' was one of the best gathering we had. I was in love with the view, the company and the food we had. Indeed, who would have known that there is a beautiful place as such at Yishun. For such a reasonable price and a pretty location, i would reccomend this place for all. Its at Orchid Country Club. :)

Yours truly,

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Sweet like mapple syrup
Wednesday, June 11, 2014 || 7:11 pm

Like how i love surprises, someone surprised me with a planned date. Hee. Nothing wow, simple and sweet. Alhamdulillah :)
And i noticed how he's so good with speed. Impressive!

Yours truly,


My gf is married!
Sunday, June 08, 2014 || 11:46 pm

A beautiful backdated event.

My girlfriends are excited upon seeing me and B!hee. Okay, that was besides the point. Truly, i'm blessed to witness this beautiful event of my girlfriend getting hitched. The first among us. It's like a counting down game among my girlfriends and i was thinking i would be the last, most definitely.

Anyway, B travelled through rain and sacrifice time to attend this event. hee. I really appreciate his efforts and it was nice meeting up with girlfriends though not for long as B has to go off and i've got another invitation to attend to. I love the outfit of my gf, she mentioned she sourced out everything her way. Not from some bridal co or whatsoever. This definitely save costs and sometimes, it is much better than having weddings from bridal co as it is exactly the way we want it to be.

Anyway, just yesterday, had a date with B to Nasi Lemak Kukus, in which, was my first time being there. I love the concept of the shop, taste wise, average. We had a little drama upon dining there but instead of being pissed, we just laugh it off. hehee, totally unexpected. How selenge can we be?
While dining, a group of vespa boys, with their indie wear and all, came to dine in. Totally love seeing people who dress well. :))

Enough for today.

Oh i met Ilhan for the first time and i fell in love with him.

Yours truly,

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