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A year older!
Wednesday, November 30, 2016 || 12:11 am

There's just so much to be thankful for this year born day. It was really special to me. Got a gift and kiss from King with some emotional words from him. That was really touching. I had a simple celebration with my lovely babes as the king was on duty. But before that, i spent the day with bff. We jogged and stopped at the hot spring area. It was indeed interesting and rejuvenating to be able to dip our feet in the warm water.

Only the next day, i get to meet B. Poor boy hadn't been so well these days. He was very thoughtful of bringing me to this colourful interesting concept cafe. The shop name is Sugar Lips and it's located at Somerset 313. It's a nice place to celebrate for occasions as it's such a nice place to take photos!

Food wise is okay, nothing too extraordinary but i think it's worth the experience. Not for diabetic person though!

Yours truly,

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Short and intense
Friday, November 04, 2016 || 10:08 pm

I've been trying my best to mug but almost only an hour of reading, my eyes tends to shut. It makes me feel so frustrated. One reason is because i don't have a proper studying area. There's no proper table and chair in the room. It may sound like an excuse but it really plays an important role for me. I can study longer with a proper comfortable chair and table, seriously speaking.

So, after hours of mugging with breaks in between, i decided to do tabata workout to get my body pumped up, i need that energised feeling. I tried this tabata and it makes me sweat like a pig after only 30 mins. Try it! Don't cheat, don't stop. Go slower if needed.

Yours truly,

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Emperor Spa @ Eu Tong Sen St
|| 8:19 pm

I have to give reviews on this outlet as this is one of the best and affordable massage parlour that I've been to in Singapore. Why I say it's affordable because right now they're going on promotional price. Even so, the service provided is still in tip top condition.

I've been needing a massage due to aching feet and neck. We reached there at about 2am in the morning, didn't make any reservations at all. Lucky us, there are still available slot for the 4 of us.

However, we had to wait for about 15mins. While waiting, we were assigned to a room. A room can cater up to 4 pax as seen from the images. I was excited upon seeing the room. The chairs were adjustable, along with USB wires for charging of phones. They provide 2 wires either for iphone or Android. That's really thoughtful of them.

On top of that, we can choose to watch any movies listed in the TV provided. There's quite a variety of movies installed and it's up to date movies!

The staffs who attended us were from Malaysia, Chinese Malaysian, mostly and they did a good job in massaging. My masseurs was Sam, he's friendly and professional! There's no hard selling etc. I'd recommend this place, go while the promotion still last. Price will not be the same once promo is over.

Fb : Emperor Spa


Yours truly,

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Swarovski Service Recovery
Saturday, October 22, 2016 || 3:41 pm

Good things comes to those who're patient.

Somehow, i believe greatly in this qoute. See, it's my first time i had a ring from Swarovski. In fact, this ring hold great significance in my life. Only about 3 months of wearing it, 2 of the crystals drop. My heart literally dropped. Honestly, i took great care of it.

Avoided contact with water or perfume. I didn't even wore it at work if i'm doing alot of physically challenging deployment. All done just to take a good care of it. It didn't even dropped in anyway. I was feeling very anxious and worried regarding the condition of the ring. Furthermore the receipt was gone. Or in other words, we cant retrieve it.

I tried my luck, walking in to one of the store. Enquiring regarding this product. Lucky me, i was a member of Swarovski. Hence, they are able to track my purchases! Hence, i can still send in my product was repair as the warranty was for 2 years. I was damn lucky. It also happened that i didn't intentionally become a member of Swarovski. It just happened that one fortunate day, my colleagues and i were browsing through shops to get a gift for our dear friend. After much discussion, we decided to purchase some accessories set for her from Swarovski and that purchase entitled me for a free membership.

Then came another day, B & me were walking around and surveying. This just caught my eyes and ended up, we decided to have it from Swarovski. Anyway,back to my story, so i've to wait for about 4-6 weeks for the product to be repaired. I emailed them to enquire on roughly when i could have it back. The reply i received was prompt. After months of waiting, i was given a call and i headed down to collect my ring. All was fine. So, i thought, it was just that one time thingy.

Few months of wearing it and it happened again! For the freaking 2nd time. But this time round, 2 other crystals dropped at different positions compared to the first time it did. I send it again for repairs. This time round, i didnt managed to answer the call from the staff upon the completion of the repaired ring. I waited for 3 months, i emailed. The replied from email was so vague, so specific reply. Not a confirmation for to inform me that item was ready for collection. So, i called their hotline. Through the phone, staff mentioned that item was ready for collection. However, the staff didn't managed to get through any staff at the desired outlet where i sent the ring to.

That isn't a big concern. I headed down to collect the ring and yes i realized i had a missed call once from an unknown number and true enough, it was from Swarovski. Lucky, i emailed and called them to check on my ring. If not, i'm not too sure how long they would keep my ring for collection.

My second time collecting from them and i was very dissapointed that there's visible stains at the corner of my rings. Looks like glue stains to me, i even asked the staff's opinion to see for herself. She agreed that it was visible and helped me to resend it back and put it under 'urgent'. I've to compliment the staff name, Aida, for attending to me to resolve this issue.

I emailed to them to give feedbacks on their workmanship and i didn't receive any reply from them. I still waited patiently, with hopes to get a call from them. After 3 weeks of waiting, i received a call and i went down to the outlet for collection. To my surprise, they replaced my ring with a brand new one without any charges!

I felt so thankful and blessed. I really didn't expect this and both B & me were already making up our mind to go against Swarovski due to the poor workmanship. Guess, this changed our perception and i would like to say thank you to Swawrovski for replacing it with a new one. :)



Yours truly,

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First meet up with Muhammad Ammar!
Friday, October 14, 2016 || 12:00 pm

A close of friend just gave birth safely to a baby boy! I'm so glad for her. Last tuesday, we paid a visit at her crib to see this little one and he's such a dear. He sleeps peacefully despite being passed around and all. So adorable, so standard process of baby visit, mummy will share her birth experience and we'll get mommy some gifts for the little one.

Happened to be, the gift we got for her is one that she's been eyeing on. What a coincidence. How time flies, from single ladies, to attached now one of us is a mother. It's always an enlightening experience to hear the labour experience faced by the mommy. It benefits us because in every experience shared, there's always some useful tips that we get to learn. It makes us understand the mommy better. Also, through sharing, there are some tips that newly mom didn't know and there's no harm sharing it if you know more. hee

Well, best wishes to julian and hubby, it seems that hubby is doing a good job. Looking at how he managed this little one. He definitely prefers his daddy's comforting touch. Mommy needs to have plenty of rest to recover. I shall see you again sweetheart!

Yours truly,

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Pain in the ass but a true sweetheart
Sunday, October 09, 2016 || 3:07 am

On 5 Oct, i had a team bonding chalet with my colleagues. Guess we enjoyed it more this year as we get to bond more and i think the food that Izyan ordered this year was better compared to last year. This year we had couple new faces joining our group but we certainly had a lot of fun bonding and playing games with each other.

I felt that it was a much needed session to break away from our routine mundane working life. Yes, we are in this line where some strangers actually labelled it as a brain dead job. No doubt this job hold a lot of risks and responsibilities, yet, its almost uncommon that we get such sarcastic remarks from people who passed by our territory.

Anyways, back to the bonding session. B didn't joined because he said he needed to rest. Just so happen that i wasn't in my best mood. No, i didn't let my mood ruined my bonding session. Initial plan was not to overnight as i have a quiz the next day at school. I was pretty much worried about my lack of preparation and i was little stress about it that i almost forgot about my team bonding event till someone reminded me.

I skipped class, no mugging for the day and only to return home the following day. Continued my sleep and only to wake up in the afternoon and got ready for school. Then, B and me were exchanging texts when he suddenly pop the question,'have you received my gift?'

It got me startled for a second. I thought he was joking. I didn't know what he was referring to. I looked around in my living room and saw a suspicious looking plastic bag with a wrapped gift in it. To my surprise, it was a gift from me for the big 3! Aww, that's just so unpredictable of him. The thought of him actually telling me he needed rest when he actually went out to get me a gift touched me deeply.

I felt so much love for him. I began reflecting upon my cranky self and keep reminding myself to be grateful for having my B. This really caught me off guard and i couldn't ask for more.

Thank you dearest B for being a true sweetheart. Little did i realised, you're nothing that i've ever imagined. much love!


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Review on hair and scalp treatment at Ang Mo Kio Crescendo, Djitsun Mall
Tuesday, September 20, 2016 || 4:00 pm

So, the other day i was just browsing through groupon. Looking at some deals and coincidently, i was planning to go for a hair treatment too. I was contemplating to go around my neighbourhood area. Suddenly, i came upon this voucher, i thought it was a good deal for the services that was offered, however, i know and am aware that i should NOT have high expectations when purchasing such deals. Because really, if services as such comes from groupon, usually, the results are just mediocre.

Still, i decided to proceed, giving it a shot. So, the details of the deal is as below;

Intensive argan oil hair and scalp treatment

Purifying shampoo
Argan oil hair mask application
Amino mint vitamin scalp mask application
L’Oreal Mythic Oil application
L’Oreal Mythic Milk application
Argan oil serum application
Blow and style
Haircut (for option with haircut)

I made an appointment first with the saloon. Making the appointment was fuss free. I was late for a few minutes but that didn't matter. When i reached the saloon, i saw another customer, i suspect also purchased the same deal as me based on the services that was provided to her. I was attended by a butch(i suspect, based on her appearance).

Skills wise, she was rough! The head massage that she didn't was quite rough and she wasn't as meticulous. Again, i need to remind myself don't expect much. It started off with hair wash then the head massage with some application. After that then applying of the amino mint vit scalp mask. I loved the mask! It felt so cooling and refreshing. No hot steam comes along with this application though. Unlike other saloon. I was just asked to wait awhile, probably about 30-40mins.

Once time is up, i was asked to wash hair and i remembered she applied the organ oil serum, i suspect. Then, blow dry my hair. Glad enough that i didn't opt for the haircut. So yea, i don't recall them applying the L'oreal products application.

Below are the results, for that amount that i paid for, i think it's quite a reasonable results that i received in return. Still recommended but keep your expectations reasonable. hehe.


Yours truly,

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“Live boldly. Push yourself. Don’t settle.”
Wednesday, September 07, 2016 || 5:32 pm

Call me outdated but i just watched the movie 'Me before you'. I didn't managed to catch it on the cinema during the period when it was on air, due to my other commitments but i finally did it today!
Thanks to dear B for sharing a link where i can watch it for free. :)

Anyway, i would say it was such a beautiful and touching movie. No amount of words could describe how much love one can have towards another. The sacrifices and willingness that one would go through for the sake of love is immeasurable.

I wouldn't quite agree the part she left her bf just because she prioritise her career so much but it definitely shows how vulnerable one can be when you spend so much time with someone who used to be a stranger then grew to be someone special.

But again, love itself is unpredictable. We can't say these are just infatuations in fact, no one could ever define what's true love and what's not. Only the ones, who're going through it themselves are able to understood and feel it with their hearts.

This movie gives me a feeling of sorrow when the girl who sacrificed so much but the guy who insisted on leaving. It somehow, bring me back to where i used to be. What i've been through but ultimately, we learn to love them for their decisions.

We may not agree with them but eventually, i think when we believe in the power of faith, things will start to fall into pieces one day.

Till then.

Yours truly,

Everyone enters your life for a reason
Thursday, September 01, 2016 || 5:15 pm

I think it's time to pen down some memorable moments that i've been through with B. At this stage we're in, i'm blessed and thankful for everything that has happened. There are days i wonder the what ifs.. but i'm beginning to accept that yes, we are progressing, a good progress i shall say.

This love that we have, turning him into a man. There are days we've been through the storms and all i'd think of is running away. I'm such a coward, blinded with worries and fears. It's tough to stay in love, no one could ever deny that.

To have someone who could tolerate and still be there is just really a gift you know. I came to realise how patient he could be at times and how optimistic he is as compared to me. That's really something admirable.

A simple gesture, like what happened yesterday, we coincidentally wore similar coloured top and he randomly bought a rose from a stranger, makes me :)

Hee, that's all for now.

Yours truly,

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Zoom Hatyai (5 - 9 Aug 2016)
Sunday, August 28, 2016 || 8:07 pm

Before i forget about my trip to Hatyai with these 2 insane and super entertaining friends of mine, i shall try to recall as much as possible about my trip to Hatyai which i went in the early part of August.

We booked a direct flight via tiger airways to Hatyai. Our departure flight was delayed slightly due to some technical faults of the plane. Thank god it didn't take too long to get them fixed. I think the timings for flights to Hatyai is quite limited and so, we were praying hard that it won't be cancelled or we would be wasted a day in SGP.

So, anyways, once we reached Hatyai airport, there was already a Q at the immigration counter, halfway Q-ing, we were directed to an empty counter, it stated that the lane is only for ladies! How convenient! The best thing was that all 3 of us were ladies and so everything went smoothly.

As usual at the airport, there were a few tour booths/car rental booths. Initially, we were contemplating to rent a car a drive around Hatyai but after much considerations, we decided to cab to our hotel via the airport taxi, it costs us 320 Baht for the 3 of us to our hotel, Lalita Boutique.

We got the triple room, it was a double decker bed. 2 singles at the first floor and one single bed upstairs. We were welcomed warmly by the hotel staffs. Our hotel has no lift and we were aware of it as we've done some research in advance but that wasn't really our concern.

We were more concern on the available eateries located within where we stayed at. True enough, based on the reviews etc, There were several halal eateries just along our hotel lane. However, some of the eateries, we have issue communicating with the staffs as they do not speak english. Hence, we tried our best to order based on sign language and mutual understanding.

Not only that my hotel is also a few metres away from 7-11 in you need any toiletries etc The hotel provided basic toiletries thought e.g. shampoo, soap, brushes etc After unpacking and all on the first night, i realised that i didn't bring my contact lenses solution and casing. It was already 8pm+ and i was wondering where the hell can i get my solution???

Peah was kind enough to accompany me. We searched at 7-11 but couldn't find any we walked towards the direction to the city area and just about 200-300m away, there was a pharmacy store where i found my solution. Thank god!

Our hotel was located quite a distance from the main area hence, for those who prefer to be at the main area, this might not be a good location for you...

The first day we explored our area, we walked from our hotel all the way to the main area around the Lee Garden Plaza, i think it's about 4-5km of walking but we managed to pass by the train station and get to know the streets as well. Once we reached at the main area, we were looking for food to eat and there was a kind soul who was a muslim who recommended us to dine at decha restaurant. So we walked and searched for directions..finally we managed to dine there and yes, i agreed, the food there is very tasty! The staffs there also spoke malay.

Before reaching the decha restaurant, we passed by another halal restaurant and a tuktuk driver was explaining to dzu in case if we were interested to hire him to bring us around Hatyai. I've got his contact below. Got to know he's 28 years old and been a tuktuk driver for quite some time, he's friendly, reliable and easy going, also speaks malay.

The next day, we went out via a van. I got his contacts through online. His van is able to fit up to 10 pax and it's really worth going around in his van in big groups. He charged us about 2500baht for a day outing. He is able to recommend places to go and also accommodate to our itinerary if we have any in mind. He doesn't speak malay though but he speaks english quite well. Furthermore, his van has a tv and wifi in it. It is very comfortable for families group. The van driver was Audi, 35 years old and is super sporting! Because he tolerated our antics of asking us to take shots of us wherever we go and i can see he also enjoys being with us. :)

With Audi, we went to toh nga chang waterfall. We did some trekking, our aim to reach the top was dampened as halfway through we can't find the proper way to the top. It was too steep and the route was clear at all. So, we stopped at level 3, i think. Then he brought us to the peak of Hatyai where you can take the cable car too but we didn't. We enjoyed the view and scenery there though. Also, he brought us to the wet market where you can find a lot of snacks and food.

Then, in the night, we went to floating market. I love to see how the people make business on the boat  and I'm quite impressed that they're able to sit for long hours in that constraint space. It was quite an interesting experience to see how they deal by cooking on the boat etc Some of the food were very tasty and some were just...weird. hehe The best thing was that majority of the food was halal!

The next day, we decided to take the tuk2. We went to 2 other waterfalls(boripat and tone blew) , followed by Samila beach, the Big Hatyai Mosque, Hatyai Train Station and night market. Both waterfalls were not touristy location from what we observed. Most of those who went there were locals or thais. Thanks to our driver that we managed to go there without much issues. teehee.

The last waterfall was boripat waterfall and by then we were already famished. We were welcomed warmly by this lady who's like grandma to us. We couldn't understand what she was saying but we knew she was inviting us to her stall. She communicated with our driver and packed for us glutinous rice, cup noodles, grilled chicken and fish and a papaya salad. Along with provided us ice in a tumbler and picnic mat for us to have a picnic. We really felt so loved with her kind gestures. It was really a lot that she gave and I'm not sure if it's due to the fact that we were famished but her food was delicious!

Didn't expect that actually. Initially, we were contemplating on the food hygiene, afraid if our tummy couldn't take the street foods but i couldn't care less. I love eating street food. Thank god that night, we were all well. alhamdulillah.

Samila beach is another location to go in Hatyai, we were transferred to a boat whilele being on our tuktuk, to reach Samila beach. Unfortunately, the moment we reached there, it was raining. So, our driver brought us to Fatima restaurant, a highly recommended place with delicious food! No joke, i love every dish that we ordered!

Lastly, the night market is a must go, it's like a mini chaktuchak. Not as big as chaktuchak but its a place where trendy apparels are sold at good prices!

I think the last day, we spend the day shopping at the main area and dining by the streets. So, i've provided the contact of my tuktuk driver, Chenni, in one of the images below.

My van driver fb : Hatyai cars for rent with drivers in Thailand
Audi +66 83 055 7072

You can just whatsapp both of them if you have any enquiries. :)

Overall, i enjoyed this trip very much, we've had so much laughters being crazy together and stuffing ourselves with good food!

Yours truly,

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