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Pearlista Clementi First Visit
Tuesday, April 26, 2016 || 3:54 pm

I've read and seen the reviews from customers who went to Pearlista and i checked the prices and thought it's quite reasonable and affordable..So, i made an appointment at clementi outlet. A day before my appointment, i received a text reminding me on my appointment.

I chose to go for scalp and hair treatment. For my hair length, it costs $90. My appointment was a 1:30pm and it ended about close to 3pm. So, the first thing that i saw when i entered, the space was quite small. So, moving around the saloon with few other customers along with hairdressers, was quite a challenge.

The place wasn't really neatly organised or well kept. It's quite messy and no drinks or magazines to read were provided throughout the session. My scalp treatment has 2 alternatives, either the mint, for dandruff or ginseng for hair fall. So, based on my condition, i opted for the ginseng.

The hairdresser who attended to me was good in during the washing and massaging and treatment part. However, i was expecting more actually. When it comes to blow dry my hair, i felt that she's quite slow and not as professional compared to some other hair saloon i've been to. Guess, that's forgiven because she did mentioned she was new.

Overall, i'm not too sure if i'm ever returning because i would say the service provided is just average. She recommended me not to wash my hair for 2 days after this treatment. Or atleast 24 hours. Alrighty, shall see how long this treatment will last. Obviously, on my part, i shall do my part to maintain. Hair masks and serum etc.

Nothing wow much, really. Maybe, just another average saloon to go too for hijabis. hehe.
Below are the pictures after the treatment.

Yours truly,

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Thursday, April 21, 2016 || 5:49 pm

And when i feel like i've been neglecting my burning routine. Today, i decided to do a short one, squeezing it in between my hectic schedule. It's really good as it helps to stretch my abs and back. Perks of sitting for too long doing assignments etc.  Try it!

Yours truly,

Steamboat at farah diana catering at Bugis
|| 1:40 am

My first time dining there and i didn't capture any photos at the shop itself because i was starving. Also because the distance from our table to the food selection is quite a distance.

Each pax costs about $20++ We made a reservation few days in advance. Once we reached there, we found out that the shop has just opened so it was pretty empty. It opens at 4pm, the selection of meat is satisfying to me. There's quite a number of marinated flavours. Obviously, you can't compare it to Seoul Garden or any other better steamboat buffet restaurant.

However, the variety of vegetables is quite limited. There's no cooked food for the  steamboat buffet but there's rice and noodles for you to eat with your steamboat ingredients. Dessert wise, quite limited and pathetic. Only had marble cake and cream puff custard. Before that was chocolate eclairs in which, i didn't even manage to have it. :(

Overall, there's nothing bad to this restaurant. It's just averagely satisfying. Personally, i think their cooked food available looks more appealing. Oh and due to space constraints of the restaurant, i don't think it's that recommended for big groups e.g. more than 10pax etc.

By the way, this is my favourite group of people. Two already transferred to other locations and i'm missing them so much! No i won't complain about my work. I've other better things to look forward to.

Thank you boy for treating us, may god bless you with abundance.

And today..B left for his tour ride. Praying for his safety, much love.

Yours truly,

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Maternity of Amy & Elfe
Sunday, April 03, 2016 || 12:16 am

I was so caught up with other commitments that i almost forgot about this assignment. This was a special one because it is done filled with sincerity and love for a special couple. I shot their pre wedding shoot, months to years, now, they're becoming parents! Hee.

The idea to shoot at the railway track was simply because we wanted to have it at a location that is near to where the couple is staying at. They live at bukit batok so, apart from bukit gombak quarry ..i can't think much of any other interesting location apart from the railway which is situated not that far from their location. Meet up point was at B's. We started off late due to..janji melayu.

Ended up i only managed to shoot with them for an hour. By noon, it was a wrap and the weather was scorching hot. The reason why i planned it to be earlier actually. :( Nevertheless, alhamdulillah, we managed to get some nice shots and the couple was very co-orperative and thank you to dearest B for bring me to location, as my lighting man cum water boy cum chauffeur. hee. I managed to drop by a good colleague wedding, thank god location was at bukit batok. Glad to have this session done and i'm so hyped to do more variety to improve myself.

Enjoy the photos below!

Yours truly,

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Hectic period
Friday, April 01, 2016 || 3:24 pm

This month has been so hectic for me. Apart from photoshoot assignments, along with school assignments and endless wedding invitations. My time management for this month is bad. In fact it's the worst, i think. I don't usually procrastinate when doing assignments because i rather submit earlier than at the very last minute, afraid that i won't have enough time to complete if i do last minute.

I got panicked when i realised that the deadlines for my upcoming assignments was sooner than i thought. I didn't keep track of the dates and didn't plan properly on when to start doing it. As a result, i got worried myself and i felt pressured. Apart from that, i did some photoshoot which..I could have rejected but no, i accepted because the thought of shooting opportunities excites me.

GRR. Yes, i got a scolding from B for not prioritising my needs vs wants. At this point, i realised that this year isn't as smooth sailing as previously. I assumed that things will be the same as it used to. Little did i know the stuffs that i'm learning this year is much intense compared to previously.

This taught me to be more discipline in time to come or i'll be putting myself at risk. Such a scary thought. ugh. Even had the thought of not completing assignments due to limited time. Thank god leave got approved and managed to complete my assignments on time.

Thankfully during this period, B was very patient with me because i can be really ugly when I'm under pressure. I didn't even thought of having dates etc. We had to postponed our date plans to complete my assignments and he agreed and even initiated to keep me company while i mug.

So, that day, we were sitting opposite each other in a cafe. He brought his laptop along to keep himself company. So, halfway doing my assignment, i took a break and saw that serious look on his face and asked him;

Me: B, what are you doing?
B: Becoming a manager
Me: Huh? Manager? So serious ah? Manager for what seh?
B: (continue with his serious look, then grinning at me)
Me: (And i figured out..) ohh soccer ehhh?
B: (blurt out laughing and nodding his head)
Me: tsk!

I think the only time i get to see him so intense and serious is during such times. Nevertheless, still blessed to have him by my side. :)

Okay, now can relax bit. Oh and the picture below was taken after attending Liyana's wedding followed by our cafe date. Congratulations to Liyana for her wedding, a friend whom i spent my secondary school days, leaping under void deck etc. A small world how she's married to someone whose brother is our senior. Small2 world, indeed!

Yours truly,


Just 1 hour of burnt!
Tuesday, March 22, 2016 || 7:10 pm

It's quite hilarious when some of my friends actually shared a video on a woman who loves green and got little obsessed over it till her hair and almost everything in her house is in green color. Then, today after looking at some of my photos, i realised...well atleast, i'm not that fanatic. hehe

That aside, i did only an hour of burning for today. Due to time constraints and had my shake as advised by B. Hehe, i'm just trying to this, a chocolate shake by Sculpt. Taste wise, like drinking chocolate milk. Honestly, i don't know what kind of changes to expect but just trying it out to motivate myself to burn more often.

This is because sometimes, i'm too occupied with my hectic schedule and B kept saying i kept making excuse when i don't burn and i'll feel anxious and guilty for not burning or for neglecting burning.

Oh by the way, the video below is the workout i did for today and just look at the beads of perspiration after only an hour of burning! You should try if you have a kettle bell and do it with different weights to add the intensity level. :)

Loving the bottle shake that i got for myself from Metro! so adorable isn't it? hee!

Yours truly,

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My first apple!
Sunday, March 20, 2016 || 5:44 pm

I don't know if it's really coincidence or what because just 2 weekends back, it was the IT fair held at Suntec. Before the event occured, B already told me his interest in going. Few days before the IT fair began, my lappy started to throw tantrum. Able to switched it on, however, unable to load to the windows page. It was frustrating and very pressurising for time as i've a few assignments to complete. I was rushing for me and having this issue is definitely not helping.

So, B suggested to go to IT fair to get a new baby for myself. After much considerations, i think it's about time that i get an apple for myself. Not for being stylish or any other stupid reasons for getting it but mainly for my sidelines. I need a good worth investment that could support my necessities.

Alhamdulillah, I got my first apple pro under Nubox and i'm impressed with the simplicity of how the system works etc. My main reason for not choosing Mac was because i'm clueless on how to use it. Hence, i assumed that it is way complex as compared to a window laptop.

I guess, it's not as complex after about 2 weeks of using it till now. Editing photos is definitely much easier and faster in a lot of ways. The clarity and color of the screen helps a lot during the editing process.

Slowly but surely, i'm taking a step to a higher level for the good of everyone. Another reason to be thankful is the fact i got a B and it was my first time getting it after decades of being in that industry. I really didn't expect to get it but nevertheless, can't thank god enough for the blessings that i received.

hee. That's all for now..

Oh lastly, a date is chosen! wee.

Yours truly,

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Condolences to Ashuri Bin Sahdan
Tuesday, February 23, 2016 || 10:26 pm

I was at work, meddling with my mobile. Just scrolling through the news feed of facebook. Then, I happened to saw a post by my cousin stating about his dad. I thought it wasn't anything crucial. I did sent my prayers for everything to be better for my dear cousin. Sadly, the next thing I got to know is my uncle has left us.

It all happened too fast. He was all well and healthy, as mentioned by his son. He started feeling pain at the middle part of his chest, above his abdomen. Mum told that he called her asking for some remedy. The next thing he experienced was cold sweat and his wife started to feel worried. She brought him to the hospital. They didn't even get to say any last goodbye. Doctor mentioned that his condition was critical. I can imagine the kind of emotions that went through his mind and heart because I experienced that some time back.

The next thing we knew, he was gone. They tried to revive him thrice, he wasn't even in ICU yet but he was gone. All in a split of seconds. My heart felt so heavy hearing this news because he's such a dear uncle of mine, who's always smiling and kind hearted. The fact that he was there on my significant date, makes me feel even more disheartened as I didn't expect that to be the last moments being with him.

I'm sure his loved ones are trying hard to adjust to this new change in their life. It's not easy to accept a sudden death of your loved ones. Nevertheless, I'm glad to be able to kiss him for the last time and my prayers goes out to my cousins.

His cause of death was acute myocardial infarction and chronic kidney disease. I think it is so important to bring any unexplained sudden pain or irregular heartbeat that occur to any individuals to hospital straight. You shouldn't be wasting time thinking on whether should you go or should you bring the person to hospital.

Don't hesitate. It's for your own good.

Al fateha to my beloved uncle. (1954-2016)

Yours truly,

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Sunday, February 07, 2016 || 12:13 am

Yesterday, I was home late. Due to some commitments and today morning I had a class. On a Saturday morning, on my off day too, can you believe that? Having to wake up so early, travelled for about almost an hour journey, just to sit in a lecture.

However, I did it. I did it out of interest and passion. It's my will to pursue this and nothing can stop me from reaching my dreams. Of course, there are days where i'll procrastinate and so on but honestly, I've never enjoyed learning so much as compared to what I'm doing now. I thank god for given me this opportunity. In addition to that, the stuffs that I'm learning is applicable to daily lives. I learnt a lot on understanding people and its behaviour at the different stages of life.

This serves as a benefit for me, in order to understand the condition of my folks better. Somehow, it has enlightened me in teaching me to be more empathic towards others. So, mumsy shared her fair share of experience of being out with papsy the day before.

Somehow, that little information that I received touched me deeply because it opens up my eyes to how much sometimes, we are so focussed on our career and it's routine. More often than not, we neglected living life as how it should be lived.

So, really, there's just so much blessing in disguise after what has happened and god is the greatest with so much love towards its servants. I've learnt to value more and I guess this breakdown is really something worth going through.

Nobody say it was easy. The emotional phase that we went through as a whole and till this point, I wouldn't say things are back to how it was. It would never be but atleast, we learnt to make the most of what we have now. For that, Alhamdulillah.

On a lighter note, had quite a chatty date with ayg, catching up on a lot of issues, literally. Sometimes, we need to stop for a while and ask ourselves, is it worth sticking to a career that will only make you feel lousy as a person. Career is a lifetime commitment and if you're spending your life doing something that's destroying you, then, I think it's time to search for other alternatives.

Saying is easier than doing it. True enough, I couldn't agree more. In fact, I think my fellow friends of my age are more reserved or in a way not so much of a risk taker. We all know how competitive the market outside is. It takes time and patience, not to forget, perseverance as well. I was once in that stage of contemplating of switching career but due to unable to secure a stable position,I stick to where I am now. I really hope, in future, I'm able to do something different than what I'm doing now.

That's all for today's thought.

In conclusion, im thankful for having B, my positive energy.

Yours truly,

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God is the best planner of all
Wednesday, January 27, 2016 || 12:37 am

Behind every hardship, there's always its reasons and true enough, it has brought a lot of positive effects on everyone around us.

Alhamdulillah for now, insyallah for future.

Yours truly,