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Love's 30th!
Monday, March 27, 2017 || 12:11 pm

A throwback post of my baby special day, managed to make him a surprise at Majesty Spa & Massage Batam. Before i decided on this location, i did some research to go for spa within the country. Somehow, in the midst of comparing prices, looking at reviews etc, i stumbled upon this place and i thought the reviews given were good!

Hence, it caught my attention and i proceeded to enquire them. The reply was prompt and detailed. They provide a list of the services provided and what to take note, i thought that was very thoughtful of them. There were no hidden costs and true enough, everything went well.

Our ferry were delayed due to the crowd on a weekend, so we reached there about 1/2-1hr later. I was greeted with a driver, holding onto my name. Once we approached, he sent us straight to the massage place. It's located just beside the nagoya hill mall, so it is very convenient!

We didnt have our lunch, luckily, this massage place provide complimentary snacks for us to eat. There's bread, cup noodles etc. We were welcomed warmly by the boss, Mr Jeremiah. He gave us ample time to have our snacks before the massage. The massage was good. I chose the soft massage, i'd prefer the hard one. I love the cosy ambience and the place is clean. The jacuzzi was nicely prepared by the staffs too.

Done with the treatment, we requested to go for a short shopping at nagoya, before proceeding to our seafood dinner. We selected one of the restaurants provided by Mr Jeremiah simply because, there's a discount to it. Its the wey wey seafood restaurant. After our short shopping, we went back to the massage parlour for the driver to send us to the seafood restaurant. The driver waited for us to complete our dinner, then, sending us back to the ferry terminal.

Honestly, i think the massage parlour literally live up to its name, making us felt like majestic. hee!

Glad to spend precious time with my lovely one, always wishing you good health, a kind heart and happiness in life <3. Okay, pictures below!

Yours truly,

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Review at Q.Diva, Far East Plaza
Tuesday, March 14, 2017 || 11:01 pm

I saw a post by my colleague on his girlfriend who went to this saloon and I thought the hairdresser did a good job.

So I enquired this colleague of mine and after I got the details, I proceeded to make an appointment with the hairdresser. I got to know her name is Ms Lily. A very kind and friendly hairdresser, who is very sincere in providing good hair services for her customers. Throughout our phone communication, she replied very promptly and upon seeing her for the first time, she welcomed me with a wide smile along with a hand shake.

It made me feel very welcomed. Oh, and she runs this saloon alone. I did scalp and hair treatment. I must say, I love the way she massaged my scalp and neck, the products she used is so refreshing as I've dry scalp. She used some minty shampoo, that made me feel so good. We had such an ongoing conversation throughout the treatments, she did some self disclosure, sharing with me her past customers etc. It was really nice to see how much she takes care of her customers.

As far east plaza grows older, it seems that there are more and more competition going on. Despite that, she never do any hardly selling and didn't even ask to sign up for packages.

It was such a good experience for me and I wouldn't mind going back again, totally.

If you're interested, you should try!
Far East Plaza, #04-43b

Contact Ms Lily, +65 9663 8581

Yours truly,

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Our impromptu reunion
Monday, February 27, 2017 || 12:12 am

Sometimes, the best things in life happens when you least expect it. I received a text from my baby girl the other day, she was asking for my mailing address to post an invitation card to her big day. That little conversation leads to a meet up, a while later, she tried asking lala if she's available and happened to be, she is!

And so, that's how our little reunion came about. Indeed, weddings are so beautiful because its events like these that brings people together. Surely, we do not need to have such events in order to have meet ups but somehow, its such significant events that makes it like a must to meet up before a new life begins, isn't it?

Lala and me met up earlier to get some stuffs for our baby girl, we shrieked as usual upon meeting up because it has been decades since we last met up. Still as crazy as how we used to when we meet up, loved that vibes! Done with some retail therapy, we proceeded to meet our baby girl. It was such a heart warming meet up, exchanging of tips and advises from the newly bride to the bride to be and myself. I felt grateful to have friends who're so open and honest in giving 'tips' because I'm sure these words would be helpful for us to prepare ourselves when the day comes.

Oh by the way, we ended our meet up at Chocolate Origin. Hee, it's so sinful yet it tasted so good! Extremely love the richness of the dark chocolate cake. Moist and rich in flavour, worth spending and a good cosy spot to catch up. :)

I'm not quite sure when our next meet up would be but my best prayers goes to my baby girl who's getting hitch pretty soon. Much love!

Yours truly,

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If you love insanity, try this!!
Wednesday, February 01, 2017 || 7:53 pm

I tried this and it feels like hell! If you want to challenge yourself, try it, furreallll!

Share your comments if you've tried it!

Yours truly,

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Mini Family Photoshoot
Saturday, January 28, 2017 || 11:50 pm

During my free time i like to scroll through to get some inspirations to explore more on my photography aspects. I saw a couple of really nice family photos and decided, ok why not i try to take a shot on this. Amy & Elfe, being my loyal client, right from their pre wedding shoot till now, are more than willing to allow me to have this shoot at the comfort of their home.

They've yet to move in but gonna do it real soon. Poor Ayden was having diarrhoea on the day we did the shoot, initially, i was quite worried if he'll be cranky and all, even advised Amy to postponed the shoot if things are getting a little haywire. However, she was being persistent and assuring me that he's ready for the shoot.

I used mainly natural light for this shoot and i love the end product of it! In fact, shooting with natural light is the best way to bring our the best in people. hee. Somehow, i love how the light illuminates through the windows and all. Still yet to complete editing the rest of the pictures.

Special thanks to by B for being my assistant for the day, he never fails to help me when in need. hee! This shoot was done approximately within 2 hours and towards the end of the shoot, Ayden was fast asleep.

Truly, satisfaction is upon seeing your works presented and people appreciating it. Its something that i have never received in my 6years of working in that same organization. bleargh

Enjoy the photos below!!
IF you're interested to engage me as your personal photographer for your event,
feel free to PM me. :)

Below is the end product in hard copy;

1 x A3 size print & frame
1 x 8R size print & frame

Yours truly,

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My oh my..late 20s hello there
Saturday, January 07, 2017 || 8:23 pm

So, yesterday during work, i was having an introduction conversation with this random colleague and suddenly it hits me when i was asked, what's your age?

And i'm like..26? Then i thought to myself, oh shit, no this year is 27! OMG, sounds so old...It's carry how in a blink of eye, i've entered the late 20s category. I can't quite believe it too. I miss being carefree and all. To think that i'll only enter marriage life towards my late 20s sounds more depressing, lesser couple moments. Well, people gives advise not to conceive too late or you have to still take care of the young ones when you're old and weary. That also means, you can't retire early as you still need a stable source of income to raise the young ones.

There's just so much considerations to think of once you enter marriage life, isn't it? I wouldn't want to put pressure on myself too much, as for now, enjoy the single days, travel and explore while we still can. Some people have the luxury of time but no money, while some is otherwise.

I really hope and pray for the best, it makes me feel scared and nervous thinking of how one day, i've to give my all to someone.I'm not quite sure if i'm capable of doing that but i'll try. May god guide me through. Being good has so much challenges to face through compared to being bad.

On a another note, did some workout today. Been a long time that i neglected my abs, now it's getting weaker. :( Must be more consistent, kept saying to myself. GRR. On a brighter note, i love this sports bra by Piere Cardin, the support and copy material plus, it was on sale 2 for $40! Way cheaper than those sports branded bras. Love grabbing stuffs on sale :))

Missing my B :(

Yours truly,

Farewell to nani and boy
Friday, January 06, 2017 || 1:17 pm

This year begins on a sad note for me because two of my beloved left me, in the hell place alone. I wasn't really prepared for this separation because honestly, it feels lonely not to have any of my close ones at work. I almost can't believe it. Work is already mundane and stagnant, the only thing that keeps me going is probably the existence of the close ones. I'm just not that welcoming in making newbies as someone I'm easily comfortable with.

Nevertheless, meeting them has been a beautiful encounter, the kind of friends i can depend on. We had a short self shot session at CheezzStudio ( I was welcomed by my own ex schoolmate, what a small world! This place has numerous props to play around with but i think it could fit up to 7 pax. Even so, 7 pax is quite cramped for us, we had a hard time trying to play around with the small space, as you can see. I think it's best suited up to 4 pax, for enough space to roam around.

Done with that photoshoot session, we proceeded to have dinner Noosh, esplanade. The whole specialities menu was not available, we were quite disappointed actually. Ended up ordering the normal food, paid normal food as such as a price 3x of the normal price if you eat at foodcourt setting. Honestly, nothing wow to me actually, i don't see the reason for hype of this place. The ondeh2 cake was delicious though. This, you shouldn't give a miss because the ondeh flavour is just nice!

In a nutshell, i'm going to miss my beloved ones dearly and i'm hoping i can survive working there...till god knows when.. :(


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Review on Karva (Royal Scalp Ritual & Luxury Hair Spa)
Thursday, December 22, 2016 || 3:52 pm

It was my first time to Karva. I've seen how this saloon is very much publicised by various local artist etc Hence, i would love to try their services. Booking a slot wasn't much of a hassle, just have to book via online. I went to the JCube outlet. My appt was at 3pm and i was welcomed by the warm staffs there. I thought the ambience and deco of the place was very nice and cosy. We were given a menu of complimentary drinks for selection. I chose chamomile tea and then, one of the staff started to attend to me.

My overall experience was just meh. I'd rate it 2/5. For people who frequent hair saloon, you can identify if the services and techniques is good or not or whether it's worth your money. Honestly, i wouldn't recommend people to go for this particular treatment because it's not worth your penny. It cost me $180 for my length.

They stated as royal scalp ritual but didnt live up to it. Totally. My scalp was massaged for less than 10 mins. I freaking looked at the time of my watch when it started. The massage techniques were poor. I've been to cheaper and better service saloon. Started off with putting some liquid on my scalp, massaged for less than 10 mins then i'm left on my own for about 40 mins. Then, she washed off my hair. I noticed she didn't put any conditioner. But that didn't really bother me. After that, back at my seat, she applied something for my hair, put on the steamer, left me on my own for another 40 mins or so, then, washed my hair again. Done with that, she applied hair serum on my hair and blow dry my hair. Even the blow dry techniques were..not so efficient.

Towards the end of the day, the effect of the treatment is hardly visible despite not washing my hair or anything. So, bottomline, this place is overrated. It wasn't a bad experience for me but it's not worth paying the amount for the standard of service given. :) I wouldn't mind paying this amount if the service provided reasonable with the price stated. No, i didnt manage to capture any shots within the saloon as my mobile died on me.

Nevertheless, had a nice time catching up with dear ilah <3

Yours truly,

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