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A throwback of a series of events
Monday, October 20, 2014 || 2:35 am

A good catch up session with my beloved Bbs' in which we had lunch at Badoque at Thomson Rd. My first time heading there and initially, I thought the location was inaccessible but I was wrong. It's just a few stops away from Marymount mrt via bus. It was also my first time walking around the Thomson Rd area and I realized that there were quite a number of other cafes situated along the road. For café lovers, you people should try exploring around there.

My review on Badoque, 4/5. Never fails to disappoint me. With their generous serving and warm service, I wouldn't mind recommend this place to food lovers. We ordered the beef ribs, 1 plate is more than enough for 2 pax. The fish & chips were mediocre though. Apart from that, we ordered the chilli chuka squid and also another side dish, which I forgot the name of it but consisting of potatoes + cheese + bbq sauce. Overall, tasty & worth the money!

Done with lunch at Badoque, we went over to harbourfront to chill together. That was when Zaida joined us and we stayed till late night. Thankyou to zaida for sending us home, nana for the lunch, huda for accompanying me while waiting for the rest and yana for her entertaining topics.

Few days back, I went to Sentosa with B. hee. The weather was perfect! Not much crowd as it was a weekday and totally enjoyed being with B. I made that lasagne just for us but this time round, lacked of taste. Didn't put as much salt/seasoning for the flavour. Previously, I did it with mumsy observance and she taught me to add more of this and that. Well, that resulted to nicer taste but a less healthier version.

Today, I attended one of my lions' wedding held at Sembawang. It was really nice to see my lions reunited for a beautiful event. I shall post more photos of this event in my next post.

In most times, when I'm treated as such, I can't help questioning god why do I get such a treatment? How can I make things better? It's hard to be positive for long. Too strong for too long.

Yours truly,

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Days like these
Tuesday, October 14, 2014 || 12:47 pm

It always amazes me when we came out stronger after shitty days. Anyways, B been such a sweetheart meeting me twice yesterday just to fetch me from wherever i was. Later that night, accompanied me for some grocery shopping. Planning to have a real date soon and i'm looking forward to it! :))

That aside, i just saw a video of abusive husband and it terrifies me how the man can act so violently in front of his kids, physically hurting the wife. Despite the children pleas to stop, he still continue doing so, pushing the kids aside every time the kids tried to interfere. I can't condone such behaviour. I know it is still happening and i fucking don't understand why such ladies still want to be with such a man. Men as such are sooo good with their motherfucker words. Why am i being so vulgar right now? Simply because i've few friends that are going through or already been a victim of such violence. These ladies are fooled with their words once they've cooled down, then, they start to apologize, start giving comfort to these victims after they bashed them so badly. Its such an irony how these ladies can fall over and over again for their words. All due to in the name of love.

To ladies out there, please start loving yourself.

Once, a man lay his hands on you due to whatever circumstances, have courage and move on. Yes, there will be so many of what if's. Even more issues to think about especially after you've settled down with him but if this happens too often, you have to start doing something about it. Even how much you love him, how much you believe he will change or whatever.

Men as such are unpredictable and the best is do not challenge them when they're mad. They do not use their mind to think when they in rage. As, if they do, they would not even lay their hands on you. They need to sort some issues with themselves. Don't worry if you'll be afraid if you won't have anyone who will love you as much as he does, have faith in god. You don't depend on anyone on happiness cause if you do, once you lose the person, there goes your happiness.

My prayers goes to all abused victims, may god give you ladies strength and courage to leave these heartless undeserved jerks.

To jerks out there, please think before resorting to violence. Little did you know, you are not just hurting her physically but also emotionally in the long run.

Best wishes to all.

Yours truly,

sick baby
Wednesday, October 08, 2014 || 10:20 pm

I had a great cycling session with zif and his siblings along with zul. It was quite impromptu actually. We've been planning on meeting up but always fail somehow. Finally, we got to meet some catching up and had some fun together. The weather was so perfect, windy and cloudy. We had it at ECP and it's been a long time since i last went for cycling..So glad we managed to catch up with each other.

Today, spent my day with B giving his baby a bath. It wasn't a tedious process at all. hee. But his baby looked all sparkling after a good bath. I was telling him how his baby requires high maintenance even taking care of me doesn't cost so much. A little unexpected to meet his queen. B is becoming alittle more hard working lately :) hee. It's all for a better tomorrow, hopefully.

Yours truly,

Tragedi Oktober
Friday, October 03, 2014 || 3:18 pm

Rewind back to a year ago where we had it all started. I didn't know what to expect and wasn't really sure of what i want. But all i know i found that inner peace whenever i'm with him. The way we click despite our set of differences and how we tolerate each other's whatevernots.

More importantly, being with him makes me :)

I've had endless thoughts and considerations for what future may hold. And i hate to overthink but i'm always wishing for the best. Even if this doesn't work out, all i want is us to be a better version of ourselves and i believe everything happens for a reason. I still believe there is a reason why we met how a new chapter unfold for me.

October will be a memorable month for me, even more for him. Just few days back, sent my new phoney for service, got new tyres for his baby and he lost something so valuable to him only after few months of having it. I've never seen him in such distress and somehow, for that moment, it reflected something to me.

Whatever that has been given to us, belongs to the one above. If we are not thankful with what we have, it might be taken away from us. Sometimes, things that are taken away from us, made us think of the one above. It might be a way of how the almighty wants us to remember him, in some ways.

For that, i'm so thankful with the blessings that i have till today.

Hee, that aside, someone actually mentioned, 'i'm wonderful!:)' Totally made my day.

Yours truly,

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Slowly but surely
Monday, September 29, 2014 || 10:15 pm

I had a meet up with my SD boys quite some time back and we've had such intense conversations concerning design and business. It's really interesting how we shares our ideas and perspective on certain topic. KH shared with us his current assignment, regarding proverty in Singapore. It really didn't occur to us that such ghetto place still exists here. It was such an eye opener the fact that he showed us images of his findings, i was really amazed with the stories of the individuals staying there.

Apart from that, met up with dzu for some driving session. She who just got her car license was itching to drive the whole of singapore if she can, i think. For that 2 days that we met up, we drove to a serene location for a breather and it feels good for me to drive again. hehehe.

I've completed one of the assignment and already passed the deliverables to my friend, who is not my direct client but i'm still glad to be there to capture her moments. Another assignment is yet to due. More to be done. On another note, Qitareqa Photography are receiving more attention lately.

Thank you for believing in us, for motivating and being honest with how we performed. We promised to be better and do more for those who put their trust in us.

Lastly, i'm dissapointed, again. It keeps repeating too often. Tired. Totally.

Below, is the deliverables for one of my client. I love to make it like a gift form when giving them the deliverables. I'm sourcing for more ideas to find an identity for Qitareqa.

You know, sometimes i miss the moments.
I can never forget.

Yours truly,

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014 || 7:32 pm

He is no mr romantic or whatsoever and we could be of opposite in so many ways but till today, I'm glad to have him by my side tolerating my every nonsense. hehehee!

Missing much. :)

The little conversations we had, I kept it in my prayers. That conversations I had with some other people, made me feel thankful for having someone like you. We all have our flaws but it how we accept and tolerate each other flaws. I'm just hoping for the best.

Yours truly,

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My ayg
Monday, September 15, 2014 || 7:58 pm

If there's one person that I could trust whole heartedly, I know it would by my ayg. Our conversations starts to get serious these days, kind of scares me off. Being with ayg always makes my day. I cant say more but I love sharing with her.
And congratulations to my gf, Syaz, who got engaged just yesterday. Makes me happy to see how their love blossom from years back. :)

Yours truly,

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Wedding of Shika & Jo
Saturday, September 13, 2014 || 11:57 pm

Done for today's assignment. Fatigue but satisfied. :)
Qitareqa first major assignment for this year. Nevertheless, glad that we've made it!

Photos by yours truly.

Yours truly,

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Wedding of SK & Guocai
Friday, September 12, 2014 || 9:17 pm

I was invited to assist my friend who was chosen as the main photographer for this event. My second time invited to an event held on a yacht, within borders. Of course i am more than delighted to join in the fun. Sadly, due to the fact that i already brought alot of stuffs, i didn't bring an extra set of clothings to that event. As a result, i didn't get myself wet. It was so much fun as we stopped halfway to have some snorkelling, kayaking and swimming session. I was having more fun shooting around but things got more challening when the yacht is on the move. Definitely not easy to stabilize myself and to capture the precious moments but all was indeed a good learning experience for me. :)

So blessed to witness this event.
I'm more glad to be able to share my knowledge to my friend who just started shooting. Quite impressive for a starter. I shall post more picts of this event once i'm done editing.

At the end of the day, the best part is to have B fetching me. hee! Spend some quality time together. That's all it matters.
Thankyou, B. :)

Yours truly,

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Visit to The Coffee Daily @ Serangoon
Tuesday, September 09, 2014 || 7:40 pm

We went to The Coffee Daily the other day as I got attracted to the photos that I saw online. B being so good with directions, brought me there and we fell in love with the place. Seriously, the ambience of the café is so cosy and on the day that we went, there weren't much crowd at all. Only few customers were there so, chilling there was really nice. I had the mushroom soup, yummy. Tasted alittle similar to Breeks which I loved! Along with a red velvet cake. They had such an interesting concept of using old furnitures, turning it into DIY furnitures etc. Very much in love. :)

Go pay a visit if you want to experience something different.

Yours truly,

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