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Lets push all the bad vibes away and sweat it out!
Friday, November 21, 2014 || 12:38 pm

It's crazy how one can start to overthink and it's like a disease, it's either to fight away all these negativity and choose to be optimistic or you'll be surrounded by it for god knows how long.

As for me, burning is one of my favourite way of pushing away all the bad vibes. I found this fun dance workout video which i've yet to try but i'm loving the stamina of this guy just by watching it. Shall try it soon!

Managed to burn today despite not going out for a run. :) later!

Yours truly,


Beautiful creation
Wednesday, November 19, 2014 || 6:06 pm

By yours truly.

My angin
Tuesday, November 18, 2014 || 3:44 pm

Tommy initiated a meet up for us and so we had dinner at Seoul Garden, Bugis. Our initial plan was to have it at Siam Kitchen but it has been replaced by BangkokJam. So dissapointed because i was looking forward to eat at Siam Kitchen as their food was nice!

Anyway, kind of dissapointed with Seoul Garden's variety of cooked food. I remembered they had more variety back then. It was nice to meet up with my colleagues as all except one of them has been transfered to other location. Especially the kakaks, they're like my aunts and stepmum. Their life stories serve as a lesson for me. I love how we can be so frank towards each other despite the age difference. Now, only left a few of the veterans at my workplace. :( One by one of my closed ones leaving me.It will also be in a matter of time that someone who is so dear to me will be leaving me.

That aside, sometimes i tend to overlook the little efforts he put for me. There i am expecting more of what i wish to do blablabla..and only after i reflect back, i think i should be more thankful for having him. :) He, who tolerates my angin.

Yours truly,


A date to remember
Monday, November 17, 2014 || 11:53 pm

On this fateful day, i have made a big decision, a new beginning and more tough times will be ahead of me.
Despite come what may, i hope i can stay strong, to achieve my dreams and hopefully, i can stay focus and push all the negativity aside.

This is where i feel the pinch of my hard earn savings being depleted.

I just hope it's worth it.

Yours truly,

Grocery shopping
Thursday, November 13, 2014 || 12:17 pm

It was my off day yesterday, the rain was heavy along with lightning and thunderstorm but that didn;t stop us from going out. Coco wanted to go Ikea and so we went via 168. I love how Ikea gives alot of inspirations for small spaces. It really suit the BTO concept that we have now.

Done with that, we went to giant and had some grocery shopping.Didnt expect to spend that much because seriously, i didn't have any shopping list to begin with. Anyway, i really love the monsoon weather for one thing, the ability to wear more thick or layerings. I just wore my oversized sweater, a cap, blue jeans and my fabric boots yesterday and it felt good in those to keep me warm. :))

That night i receive a phone call from someone special. That, i really didn't expect. What even makes me surprise is the topic that he brought up. I'm not sure what triggers him to even talk about it. Not sure if he's giving hints or anything but he did say something of what he aim to do.

Well, i'm not expecting much. As i know expectation will lead to dissapointment but at the same time, i will never stop praying.
Boy, you've been sucha honey lately.

Yours truly,

12 hours journey
Monday, November 10, 2014 || 2:49 pm

Blessings to the almighty and beloved folks for allowing me to experience this opportunity of travelling to Samui, Phangan and Bangkok. A total of six days with two blokes, tolerating our own nonsense. The journey to this phangan island, we travelled via flight from Singapore to Bangkok to Samui. Then from Samui, had to transfer via coach then ferry to Phangan. All these transfering and waiting takes a total of 12 hours. My first ever time travelling so long just to get to a location that is not even located at the other half of the world.

Anyway,it's been such an interesting experience, with them two who are good at looking maps, figuring out directions, with good memory recognizing the places we've passed by. We explored phangan within 2 days by bike and almost cover the whole island. I even rode the bike myself at some parts. hehehe.

Phangan is such a beautiful island, with less people and simple life. Indeed, worth travelling 12 hours journey to reach there. Surprisingly, there's a mosque and also numerous halal restaurants on the island itself. That, i dont expect it at all. But alhamdulillah for that. :)

Once we've reached BKK, it was already evening. We've yet to book a hotel but i did some research and we cabbed to our desired location but seems that the taxi driver can't figure out the exact location that we wanted to go. We spent about half an hour figuring out the way but thankfully, i did a few research on few hotels and Apai recognize one of the hotel that i took note and immediately alert us when we passed by it.

At Bangkok, we were searching for halal restaurant too. In which, i forgot where i dine it the last time i went BKK. While walking, searching for places, B saw a muslim couple and immediately approached them to enquire. And so, we followed as told and found back to the restaurant where i dine at last year. :)

Wished i could explore Samui though cause we only had a day in Samui, not enough to discover Samui itself.

Yours truly,

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A day at MBS
Monday, November 03, 2014 || 8:27 pm

My girl friend been wanting to experience being in the pool which is located high up in the sky, basking under the sun and just relax our minds. And so, she booked a day at MBS, inviting me along to accompany her. Initially, it wasn't with me but things happen along the way and ended up, i'm the one accompanying her for the night.

Overall, i would rate this as 3/5.

It wasn't a bad experience but also not much of a 'wow' experience. The hotel was pretty much normal..with a bath tub, wide room, we've got a king size bed for ourselves. The surroundings of the hotel is normal, doesn't really give a luxurious feel, somehow. However, the room has a nice view from the balcony, facing the garden by the bay. Also, it has quite a variety of tea/coffee flavours to choose from, to make for ourselves.

The pool was..not as spacious as i've imagined. We went on a weekday but still quite crowded. We spent quite sometime searching for a free spot to place our belongings. The view from the pool was of course, breathtaking. Especially when witnessing the sunset from that level. Apart from the infinity pool, they had jacuzzi too. In which it is only for adults...due to their high temperature! I've had difficulty staying long in their jacuzzi as i can't stand the temperature of the water. That night, we've had dinner at coffeebean then breakfast at one of the shops within MBS itself. Night time, nightlife over there wasn't as happening too. Most importantly, i had such a good night sleep that i wished i could wake up later the next day.

Unfortunately, we can't wake up late. As we planned to go to the sky deck to witness the view from the top. That cost like $20+ to public, just to view from the top. Beautiful view. Bet it would have been even better during sunset/sunrise.

Finally, we had breakfast at one of the bakery shops within MBS, yummy bread and pastries!

That pretty sums up one of the highlight events that i had for last month.

Tomorrow will be another highlight event of the month for me. Flying off to a pretty place where there's sun, sea and place for retail therapy. I will post more of my trip soon.

Pray for my safe journey. Thankyou.

Till then, be safe, much love to all my loved ones!

Yours truly,

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Throwback su+asri
Wednesday, October 22, 2014 || 3:14 pm

Ahaaaaai..Sang Singa Purba.

A throwback of a series of events
Monday, October 20, 2014 || 2:35 am

A good catch up session with my beloved Bbs' in which we had lunch at Badoque at Thomson Rd. My first time heading there and initially, I thought the location was inaccessible but I was wrong. It's just a few stops away from Marymount mrt via bus. It was also my first time walking around the Thomson Rd area and I realized that there were quite a number of other cafes situated along the road. For café lovers, you people should try exploring around there.

My review on Badoque, 4/5. Never fails to disappoint me. With their generous serving and warm service, I wouldn't mind recommend this place to food lovers. We ordered the beef ribs, 1 plate is more than enough for 2 pax. The fish & chips were mediocre though. Apart from that, we ordered the chilli chuka squid and also another side dish, which I forgot the name of it but consisting of potatoes + cheese + bbq sauce. Overall, tasty & worth the money!

Done with lunch at Badoque, we went over to harbourfront to chill together. That was when Zaida joined us and we stayed till late night. Thankyou to zaida for sending us home, nana for the lunch, huda for accompanying me while waiting for the rest and yana for her entertaining topics.

Few days back, I went to Sentosa with B. hee. The weather was perfect! Not much crowd as it was a weekday and totally enjoyed being with B. I made that lasagne just for us but this time round, lacked of taste. Didn't put as much salt/seasoning for the flavour. Previously, I did it with mumsy observance and she taught me to add more of this and that. Well, that resulted to nicer taste but a less healthier version.

Today, I attended one of my lions' wedding held at Sembawang. It was really nice to see my lions reunited for a beautiful event. I shall post more photos of this event in my next post.

In most times, when I'm treated as such, I can't help questioning god why do I get such a treatment? How can I make things better? It's hard to be positive for long. Too strong for too long.

Yours truly,

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Days like these
Tuesday, October 14, 2014 || 12:47 pm

It always amazes me when we came out stronger after shitty days. Anyways, B been such a sweetheart meeting me twice yesterday just to fetch me from wherever i was. Later that night, accompanied me for some grocery shopping. Planning to have a real date soon and i'm looking forward to it! :))

That aside, i just saw a video of abusive husband and it terrifies me how the man can act so violently in front of his kids, physically hurting the wife. Despite the children pleas to stop, he still continue doing so, pushing the kids aside every time the kids tried to interfere. I can't condone such behaviour. I know it is still happening and i fucking don't understand why such ladies still want to be with such a man. Men as such are sooo good with their motherfucker words. Why am i being so vulgar right now? Simply because i've few friends that are going through or already been a victim of such violence. These ladies are fooled with their words once they've cooled down, then, they start to apologize, start giving comfort to these victims after they bashed them so badly. Its such an irony how these ladies can fall over and over again for their words. All due to in the name of love.

To ladies out there, please start loving yourself.

Once, a man lay his hands on you due to whatever circumstances, have courage and move on. Yes, there will be so many of what if's. Even more issues to think about especially after you've settled down with him but if this happens too often, you have to start doing something about it. Even how much you love him, how much you believe he will change or whatever.

Men as such are unpredictable and the best is do not challenge them when they're mad. They do not use their mind to think when they in rage. As, if they do, they would not even lay their hands on you. They need to sort some issues with themselves. Don't worry if you'll be afraid if you won't have anyone who will love you as much as he does, have faith in god. You don't depend on anyone on happiness cause if you do, once you lose the person, there goes your happiness.

My prayers goes to all abused victims, may god give you ladies strength and courage to leave these heartless undeserved jerks.

To jerks out there, please think before resorting to violence. Little did you know, you are not just hurting her physically but also emotionally in the long run.

Best wishes to all.

Yours truly,