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Spize @ River Vally
Thursday, August 28, 2014 || 1:01 am

Sorry for the poor quality photos taken by my mobile.

Anyway, today is my off day. Spent my morning catching up on my sleep. I woke up in the noon, did bits of chores then off to an important appointment. It went well, smoothly and i can say i enjoy speaking with that group of people. Well, i'm not hoping for much. I leave it up to the one who knows best for me. Didn't even mention it much to my folks because i don't even have much hopes about it. Nevertheless, thankful for B for being supportive of me. :) Poor boy is unwell.

Ohhh and dinner with dzu at Spize, river valley!

I think i can count with my hands on how many times i went there. The last time i went there, i had their bangers and mash, if i remembered correctly? It tasted good! And i saw a few other interesting dishes that i would love to try if i ever visit them again.

Today, i brought dzu along and we ate like nobody business. The cheese fries serving is alot! Worth the penny. They are so generous with the cheese!! We tried the crayfish noodles and i loved it! I hardly eat crayfish and i'm really surprised with the taste of the gravy. Abit like mee bandung but not totally and it's not spicy! Initially, i thought it would be, due to the color of it but it wasnt! hee. Imma happy girl. Full & fat. :)


And being with dzu always never fails to crack me up. It feels like i'm with coco when i'm out with her. hehehehe!

Yours truly,

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Wedding of Zul & Zan 2014
Monday, August 25, 2014 || 2:22 am

I was appointed by a good friend of mine, Zan to mend the photobooth on her special day. I've been wanting to try doing a photobooth actually and this was the perfect moment to live my dreams.

Preparations wise, wasn't properly done as we didn't have the chance to recci the location before we set up. I rushed right after my night shift. Proceeded straight to home, wash up, did some final preparations of the props then went to her wedding. Boy, it was tough getting a cab on a saturday morning! GRR.

Anyway, once we were there, the event has already started but still very few guests. Boy was there earlier set up the back drop etc. If i've had known we had to paste our back drop against the curtains, i would have be more prepared. Due to the curtains, causes the set up to be not as nice as i pictured.

Nevertheless, had a good time being there for Zan. The event was beautiful and she looks as stunning as ever. I'm in love with her dais by Tahta Tiara. A very nice concept of traditional malay set up. The food was nice too!! mmdapp. I can't imagine being on stage having all eyes on me, not as an actor but as the princess of the day. Gosh. How i wish i could experience that one day.

Anyway, small2 world when i saw my buddy, Syai at the event itself! heee. I should have taken pictures of my props but i was too busy on set. haish.

Congratulations dear Zann, to know her from her single times, attached and now married. It's such a beautiful process.
May your love be blessed with much joy & laughter.

Photos captured via my mobile, so pardon for the quality.

Yours truly,

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Favourite pastime
Friday, August 22, 2014 || 6:51 pm

Few days back, I went prawning with B along with some of his mates. Apparently, his mate wanted to have a decent conversation with me on certain topics. He wanted a perspective from a female. At the end of the conversation, it made me reflect how rusty my knowledge is on certain issues. I used to learn about it but I don't really keep it close at heart. As a result, I forget mostly about it.

He did mentioned something important that I remembered vividly till now.
Every female wants a partner who could guide them to the right path. I think I agree with that. We all need that support.

Back to prawning, B and me shared a rod and we got the most prawns as compared to his mates. It's really a lot!! hee. I'm loving it. I love it more if I get to eat it on the spot. heeeee!

Little did I know, I've an informer. Coco been my informer to mumsy on me & B. Well, glad that mumsy is fine with it. hehe :)
Prayers, makes much differences. Alhamdulillah.

Yours truly,


Raya with B!
Monday, August 18, 2014 || 8:19 am

Introduction wasn't needed, i guess?

First jalan raya and it's a surprise how he can be more vain than I am. Tsk!
Mad love for what he wore. Sangat segak sekali, sukaaaaa. :))

Yours truly,


Raya with colleagues / lepak gang 2014
|| 8:11 am

I blog for simple reasons. Simply because i want to remember these moments that i went through in life, to share or express my thoughts, emotions or even reviews on certain things or issues.

Raya this year is at it's minimal i guess? Ramadhan flew by too fast and soon, raya will be over too. Nevertheless, i'm truly blessed to be able to meet my loved ones again for this syawal. This year, my first time jalan raya with these colleagues of mine. Quite new as compared to my Bbs' or others. Despite that, i had a great time with them. We only managed to visit 3 houses but it was enough for the day as we started in the afternoon, after work.

Tiring but time well spent. :)

So, few days back had  my jalan raya with my lepak gang as well! It was a success and i loved every moment of it. I love how we could be so crappy with each other, tolerating each other's nonsense and be carefree. It's like the feeling of forever young when i'm with them. We managed to visit 5houses, thanks to ilah for accomodating a car for us. Thanks to B also for joining us. hee, first jalan raya together. I think he got along pretty well with all the crappy jokes we've had. Well, i guess paps pretty much met him officially already now?

And..i think i've had enough of jalan raya for this year already. :)) Alhamdulillah.

Yours truly,

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Power of various ways of approach
Monday, August 11, 2014 || 10:48 pm

Honestly, i happened to partner a new colleague who was from other sector. It's like magic how we can always relate our experiences with the conversations that we had. Partnering with him never feels bored, at all. Initially, i thought he wasn't the approachable type simply because he doesn't look approachable at all.

But little did i know, he talks more than i assume. Even joke more often than me! It feels good to have someone to talk to who could make me open up that fast. I didn't expect to open up that fast too. I enjoyed the intellectual conversations we had despite him being 10 years older than me, our conversations is always on the same frequency.

Few days back, we've had a conversations in relation to blood related ties. How an outsider could change the attitude of someone who is blood related to me. I never thought of that. An irony how his wifey actually had the same situation as i did and how he changed the situation when he came into the picture.

He told me for every person had their own flaws and the way we approach a person on various situation matters alot. The words that was spoken, the body language that we portray. The way how we could deliver messages through subtle ways. Also, the importance of effort and prayers. We, as human, could only do so much, the rest, we shall leave it to the Almighty for the results for only HE knows what's best for us.

Bottomline, he concluded by asking me to settle down. As indeed, it could bring more blessings and surprise than we ever expect.

As for myself, i can't escape from this issue, i know. In fact in years to come, this will be a very common topic for me. But as for now, i've my dreams to achieve and hopefully, i'm able to go after it one by one.

On other had, i had another of my first moments with B. Definitely had a good time, looking forward to many more firsts together. :) Blessed & thankful. I really appreciate his little efforts like rushing after gym, head home, wash up, meet me just in time to send me to work. Just recently, he rushed again after reservist, met me after work just to have supper together. We definitely have alot to learn from each other.Much loved! :))

Yours truly,


It doesnt break us, it makes us stronger
Wednesday, August 06, 2014 || 7:40 pm

The number of assignments I had this year was far lesser than what I had the previous year. I've been missing getting serious with my baby. Just when I thought I wanted to try some cool night shots, which I have in mind, it just have to be that I forgot to bring the screw of my tripod. Thus, didn't get the shots I've in mind.

Anyway, B been such a kind soul providing me with ideas on location wise. I'm in love with capturing beautiful moments. And every moment with B is truly cherished. :)

Yours truly,


Syawal 2014
Monday, August 04, 2014 || 12:12 am

Beginning the post with Alhamdulillah for being able to celebrate syawal this year with my loved ones. Despite having to work in the earlier part of the day, it certainly didn't dampen my spirit to go visiting to my fellow relatives houses right after work. The beauty of syawal is the moment of seeing your blood related people and the act of asking for forgiveness and forgiving one another. Indeed, humans are imperfect. At times, we do things that hurt others without even realizing it.

There is no use keeping grudges among one another, you will only cause more pain to your self.
And so, this year, didn't managed to rent car due to clashing shifts with paps. However, beloved cousins allows us to hop on to their ride. Totally love walking down the old memory lane with mams side. First day was well spent with mams' side. Second day, headed to paps' side then I've to work in the evening. That fateful evening, paps' side from across the border came to my place and I didn't get to meet them. :(

Syawal aside..Rainbow after rain. Without us realizing, it's coming to a year with B. Definitely went through so much! Glad to have him by my side. :)) Will post more photos soon!
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Yours truly,


Iftar with fellow loved ones 2014
Monday, July 28, 2014 || 12:34 am

Despite not being able to do as much as i did last year but it was a blessing in disguise that i managed to iftar with some of my closed ones this year. Truly grateful that we got to iftar and did some catching up.

With ayg, my work khakis & my SD Boys without Aidie. I'm truly blessed to be able to meet my loved ones :)

Selamat Hari Raya to all muslims out there, may this syawal brings much joy & blessings to all of us.
Be kind to everyone.

Yours truly,


It's the will power
Friday, July 25, 2014 || 11:58 am

I tend to workout lesser during ramadhan. Less food, less energy, less motivation. But seeing this guy who shared about will power is totally such a motivation. Hotstuff! :)