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My oh my..late 20s hello there
Saturday, January 07, 2017 || 8:23 pm

So, yesterday during work, i was having an introduction conversation with this random colleague and suddenly it hits me when i was asked, what's your age?

And i'm like..26? Then i thought to myself, oh shit, no this year is 27! OMG, sounds so old...It's carry how in a blink of eye, i've entered the late 20s category. I can't quite believe it too. I miss being carefree and all. To think that i'll only enter marriage life towards my late 20s sounds more depressing, lesser couple moments. Well, people gives advise not to conceive too late or you have to still take care of the young ones when you're old and weary. That also means, you can't retire early as you still need a stable source of income to raise the young ones.

There's just so much considerations to think of once you enter marriage life, isn't it? I wouldn't want to put pressure on myself too much, as for now, enjoy the single days, travel and explore while we still can. Some people have the luxury of time but no money, while some is otherwise.

I really hope and pray for the best, it makes me feel scared and nervous thinking of how one day, i've to give my all to someone.I'm not quite sure if i'm capable of doing that but i'll try. May god guide me through. Being good has so much challenges to face through compared to being bad.

On a another note, did some workout today. Been a long time that i neglected my abs, now it's getting weaker. :( Must be more consistent, kept saying to myself. GRR. On a brighter note, i love this sports bra by Piere Cardin, the support and copy material plus, it was on sale 2 for $40! Way cheaper than those sports branded bras. Love grabbing stuffs on sale :))

Missing my B :(

Yours truly,

Farewell to nani and boy
Friday, January 06, 2017 || 1:17 pm

This year begins on a sad note for me because two of my beloved left me, in the hell place alone. I wasn't really prepared for this separation because honestly, it feels lonely not to have any of my close ones at work. I almost can't believe it. Work is already mundane and stagnant, the only thing that keeps me going is probably the existence of the close ones. I'm just not that welcoming in making newbies as someone I'm easily comfortable with.

Nevertheless, meeting them has been a beautiful encounter, the kind of friends i can depend on. We had a short self shot session at CheezzStudio ( I was welcomed by my own ex schoolmate, what a small world! This place has numerous props to play around with but i think it could fit up to 7 pax. Even so, 7 pax is quite cramped for us, we had a hard time trying to play around with the small space, as you can see. I think it's best suited up to 4 pax, for enough space to roam around.

Done with that photoshoot session, we proceeded to have dinner Noosh, esplanade. The whole specialities menu was not available, we were quite disappointed actually. Ended up ordering the normal food, paid normal food as such as a price 3x of the normal price if you eat at foodcourt setting. Honestly, nothing wow to me actually, i don't see the reason for hype of this place. The ondeh2 cake was delicious though. This, you shouldn't give a miss because the ondeh flavour is just nice!

In a nutshell, i'm going to miss my beloved ones dearly and i'm hoping i can survive working there...till god knows when.. :(


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Review on Karva (Royal Scalp Ritual & Luxury Hair Spa)
Thursday, December 22, 2016 || 3:52 pm

It was my first time to Karva. I've seen how this saloon is very much publicised by various local artist etc Hence, i would love to try their services. Booking a slot wasn't much of a hassle, just have to book via online. I went to the JCube outlet. My appt was at 3pm and i was welcomed by the warm staffs there. I thought the ambience and deco of the place was very nice and cosy. We were given a menu of complimentary drinks for selection. I chose chamomile tea and then, one of the staff started to attend to me.

My overall experience was just meh. I'd rate it 2/5. For people who frequent hair saloon, you can identify if the services and techniques is good or not or whether it's worth your money. Honestly, i wouldn't recommend people to go for this particular treatment because it's not worth your penny. It cost me $180 for my length.

They stated as royal scalp ritual but didnt live up to it. Totally. My scalp was massaged for less than 10 mins. I freaking looked at the time of my watch when it started. The massage techniques were poor. I've been to cheaper and better service saloon. Started off with putting some liquid on my scalp, massaged for less than 10 mins then i'm left on my own for about 40 mins. Then, she washed off my hair. I noticed she didn't put any conditioner. But that didn't really bother me. After that, back at my seat, she applied something for my hair, put on the steamer, left me on my own for another 40 mins or so, then, washed my hair again. Done with that, she applied hair serum on my hair and blow dry my hair. Even the blow dry techniques were..not so efficient.

Towards the end of the day, the effect of the treatment is hardly visible despite not washing my hair or anything. So, bottomline, this place is overrated. It wasn't a bad experience for me but it's not worth paying the amount for the standard of service given. :) I wouldn't mind paying this amount if the service provided reasonable with the price stated. No, i didnt manage to capture any shots within the saloon as my mobile died on me.

Nevertheless, had a nice time catching up with dear ilah <3

Yours truly,

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Review on Christmas ..Not so Wonderland 2016
Saturday, December 17, 2016 || 12:04 pm

Christmas deco has always been much more happening than other festive season. Not quite sure why though. We can see just so many efforts done very early even during the start of the month, just for christmas. Garden by the bay had it once again, Christmas Wonderland.

I've seen numerous photos of it from fellow friends or acquaintances and wish to see it for myself. The ticket i paid for was $8 per person. Entering by Gate 4, as directed by the staffs there. They said it's the nearest access to the whole thing. Upon entering, i was quite lost on where to go exactly. I turned to my right and saw mini ferris wheel, an ice skating rink and another activity. In which all has to be paid by tokens if you wish to play them.

So, nope. Not gonna do that..I turned back and go the other way, it lead me past some photo booths, push carts that sells wine, food etc. It's really like bring the whole western culture within that setting. And erm, then finally we reached the center of attraction where the fake snow was released..I walked around more for a few more rounds, seeking to get good shots but failed to do so.

The weather was so humid. There's hardly much fan around. Yes, I'm aware of the open concept hence, with such weather, it really doesn't help much. Humid weather plus crowd, is a turn off. In conclusion..i don't find it worth going.

I mean the light works are nice and stuffs but nothing really impressive. There isn't as many works as i thought. They could have lowered the tickets price. Well, i think they put a price to control the crowd? Maybe..Yea, i realised it wasn't too packed. Wish i could spend more time. Lack of ideas :(

However, if you wish to experience the setting etc, ya, you could try. Try it for once is enough.

Yours truly,

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Come what may
Tuesday, December 13, 2016 || 12:10 pm

There's plenty of reasons why i'm still blogging from years ago up till now. I shall not list down the reasons as it would be endless. But one of the main reasons, is hopefully to learn from past experiences.

I used to express more of my personal life but stopped doing so as i grew older. I'm not sure why though. Probably, wouldn't want to keep sour moments as memories. However, today, I'm caught up with my emotions and started reading back the pasts and somehow, it got me reflected.

The past is repeating again. It's as if its haunting me. I can say the kind of shit that i went through before, i'm going through it again. That shit that led to a disheartening ending is the kind of shit i'm going through now.

So, what's the cause of it and how to avoid this shit from going on and on. I think I've had issues with myself. My expectations and how badly i want to be acknowledge, its making me reacting unreasonably.

It's tough. 

Im not sure why but i used to be more calmer and forgiving. That's the key to why we still survived till now. But this patience of mine is wearing thin. It's crazy. Even if i think i'm not asking for much, why does it feel so tough to be done?

Cause probably, i'm willing to do so much more. I have to tell myself that not everyone is able to do what i can. Or not everyone is willing to do as much as i am to. I need to get over petty stuffs and focus on major stuffs instead.

But..not being acknowledge and had your emotions ignored, is just one of the painful stuffs you've to go through in life. At the end of the day, can't expect people to understand you. Yes, guess i just realised that. :/

I just don't want a sad ending to repeat again due to petty stuffs. Maybe, understanding thyself is not that important..? Just maybe if i pretend to be ok then things will get better?

Yeah, probably.

On a lighter note, today marks a special day for my youngest sis, who's out for travelling with friend for her first time! I remembered my first trip was to Phuket and had hell lots of fun!

How time flies! She's grown big and...i'm growing older.
Take care little one, stay safe.

Yours truly,

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Staycation at Changi Village Hotel and Adventure at Ubin
Sunday, December 11, 2016 || 11:13 pm

So, i thought of initiating something different for ohana with the extras that i have. Planning a vacation sometimes becomes increasingly tough with various needs, shift works etc An impromptu plan works the best, in most times, somehow.

A staycation at Changi Village Hotel and an adventure to ubin is a good experience for us. Spending quality time with your loved ones is so important as on most days, we don't spend much communicating and too tired to do much activities as a whole. Hence, a well deserved break amidst our busy lives.

The major influences of the children's well being consist of the presence of unresolved issues between the child and parents, characteristics of the mother and father’s supportiveness.

Through the years, we've witnessed how mother remained optimistic throughout the life obstacles. We observed how patience and perseverance is the key to coping in challenging times.

And pa, a firm and disciplined individual who never fails to be supportive in our areas of interest and expertise. Being firm during the younger days served as a good purpose for us which only when we're older we realised the purpose of his doings.

Anyway, i realised the fare for the bumb boat has increased to $3. There are more dual bicycle at ubin some cost at $25 per bike! wow, thats quite costly. True enough, they've revamped the island, more of a park than the old ubin i remembered.

Alhamdulillah for a cooling weather while at ubin. A perfect weather for an adventure and overall, i felt that it's worth spending for such quality times.

Yours truly,

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Specially by King
Friday, December 09, 2016 || 3:27 pm

The thing about celebrating special days is so significant and important to me. It's an extra special day where we express our appreciation and love for the special someone. Of course some may say it should be done on any other days or infant everyday. However, due to our hectic schedule, sometimes, it's hard to do so. Hence, only on special days, it gives the opportunity for one to express more.

This year is little special for me as my King got me a previous valuable gift. It's been decades since he last got me a gift. I can't even remember the last time he did that. Despite that, i'm blessed and thankful for this gift. I think this is the sweetest gesture that he ever made for me.

He's tough, doesn't really show much affection to his loved ones so when he does, i was really surprised.

Alhamdulillah. I'm loving the details of this time piece !

Yours truly,

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A year older!
Wednesday, November 30, 2016 || 12:11 am

There's just so much to be thankful for this year born day. It was really special to me. Got a gift and kiss from King with some emotional words from him. That was really touching. I had a simple celebration with my lovely babes as the king was on duty. But before that, i spent the day with bff. We jogged and stopped at the hot spring area. It was indeed interesting and rejuvenating to be able to dip our feet in the warm water.

Only the next day, i get to meet B. Poor boy hadn't been so well these days. He was very thoughtful of bringing me to this colourful interesting concept cafe. The shop name is Sugar Lips and it's located at Somerset 313. It's a nice place to celebrate for occasions as it's such a nice place to take photos!

Food wise is okay, nothing too extraordinary but i think it's worth the experience. Not for diabetic person though!

Yours truly,

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Short and intense
Friday, November 04, 2016 || 10:08 pm

I've been trying my best to mug but almost only an hour of reading, my eyes tends to shut. It makes me feel so frustrated. One reason is because i don't have a proper studying area. There's no proper table and chair in the room. It may sound like an excuse but it really plays an important role for me. I can study longer with a proper comfortable chair and table, seriously speaking.

So, after hours of mugging with breaks in between, i decided to do tabata workout to get my body pumped up, i need that energised feeling. I tried this tabata and it makes me sweat like a pig after only 30 mins. Try it! Don't cheat, don't stop. Go slower if needed.

Yours truly,

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Emperor Spa @ Eu Tong Sen St
|| 8:19 pm

I have to give reviews on this outlet as this is one of the best and affordable massage parlour that I've been to in Singapore. Why I say it's affordable because right now they're going on promotional price. Even so, the service provided is still in tip top condition.

I've been needing a massage due to aching feet and neck. We reached there at about 2am in the morning, didn't make any reservations at all. Lucky us, there are still available slot for the 4 of us.

However, we had to wait for about 15mins. While waiting, we were assigned to a room. A room can cater up to 4 pax as seen from the images. I was excited upon seeing the room. The chairs were adjustable, along with USB wires for charging of phones. They provide 2 wires either for iphone or Android. That's really thoughtful of them.

On top of that, we can choose to watch any movies listed in the TV provided. There's quite a variety of movies installed and it's up to date movies!

The staffs who attended us were from Malaysia, Chinese Malaysian, mostly and they did a good job in massaging. My masseurs was Sam, he's friendly and professional! There's no hard selling etc. I'd recommend this place, go while the promotion still last. Price will not be the same once promo is over.

Fb : Emperor Spa


Yours truly,

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