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Raya with penjelajahi ganas 2016
Tuesday, July 26, 2016 || 5:44 pm

Raya is a month of laughter, forgiveness and celebration. Obviously meeting our loved ones is a mandatory practise. Apart from that, it is also a perfect occasion to catch up with friends and fellow social circle. Guess this year raya vibes wasn't that strong, died down quite fast actually. I thought that with a transport, we could cover more but not really. Nevertheless, i love the pace of this month celebration.

To make it even more memorable, i only had a jalan raya with friends once for this year, particularly with this group. Definitely a perfect one as we had so much fun and laugher, gossiping at each other and laughing at each other. Yet there's no hard feelings kept. I just love this vibes. This is what true friendship is all about.

We started off the jalan raya with meeting up at my place. Coincidently, my house was filled with guests too that specific day. As a result, i invited them to chill in one of my room and i think it's such a perfect spot cause they make themselves very comfortable. hehe. The next house or should i say the last house was peah's. hehe a perfect ending for the day with the fire sparkles and a good movie where we had some debate on certain matters while watching it hee. what's new.

Alhamdulillah for a blessed syawal this year. :) Enjoy the pictures!

Yours truly,

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Review on first visit to Jantzen (causeway point)
Friday, July 15, 2016 || 3:37 pm

Days before hari raya i thought to myself, i ought to get my hair pamper. I needed some treatment for my scalp badly. It's not in the best condition. Somehow, dandruff came to visit me and it makes me very irritated and self conscious and oh so uncomfortable. I was contemplating on going for a good saloon but the thought of travelling far is not on my mind as i've very limited time left.

After much considerations, i decided to give Jantzen at Causeway point a try. I was welcomed by my hairstylist, who gave her name card to me at the end of the session. I did scalp treatment and trimmed my hair. It was cut by June, the one who gave me the name card. I pretty much love the cleanliness of the surroundings. It's very well maintained.

In addition to that on the day that i went, there weren't much crowd. I did a scalp treatment for my dandruff, i was attended by a young lady. She massaged my scalp and wash etc. Her head massage was good. She had sufficient amount of force to make me feel relaxed. Shiok! After done attending to my scalp, then, June came over to give me my haircut.

June was good and precise as well as efficient. Definitely recommend her service to others. Total cost for my hair pampering service cost about $103. Yep, i think for the treatment i received, it's pretty much reasonable? I would to know if there's any other better saloon with a good service as well as reasonable price around north area.

Enjoy the pictures below, pardon for the messy background.

Yours truly,

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Eid Mubarak 2016
Tuesday, July 12, 2016 || 6:31 pm

I'm so blessed to be able to celebrate hari raya this year with my whole family. Alhamdulillah pa is doing better. He's able to walk at a far distance, converse normally and eat as usual. I must say his temper got better too. More patient this time round. We didn't have much issues throughout. We even went to geylang on the eve of raya, which was insane!

The crowd at the food area was hectic. Human jam, packed like sardine. Ironically for the clothing stalls, it wasn't as packed. I didn't manage to get my thai green tea due to the long Q and heat, i gave up! I wish to get more snacks but i couldn't bear the crowd so i let go of my desires. Also, this year, i didn't even go geylang with B! Either we didn't have the time or its just he doesn't really like the idea of the crowd and heat.

I only went down about twice? Even so, for the two trips, i didn't stay that long. I managed to get my raya outfit, thanks to my fellow friends who set up their own business. It just so happens i got attracted to the items that they're selling and yes, that's just how easy i got it done. :)

Special thanks to my B for accompanying me fetching and sending my ride. This year, i decided to rent it for a week. I rented from Eazi Leasing Car Rental at 1 Bukit Batok Crescent. I think i booked quite late. Though i thought it was still a little early to book. I booked about a day before fasting starts and shockingly quite a number of the car rentals companies that i know had their MPVs all taken.

I was browsing through and was calling a few companies asking for their rates and modes of payment etc Somehow, this company appeals to me the most. Payment wise was 50% upon booking of car and balance 50% on the date of collection. Just +$10 if you want to have a co driver. I think they have quite an attractive and affordable rates and a big range of car collection. If you're interested, details are below;

No.1 Bukit Batok Crescent,
#02-43, WCEGA Plaza, Singapore 658064
Phone: (65) 6684 0761
Dan 9111 7715
Operation Hours:
(Mon-Fri 10am-7pm)

So, i've to go all the way to bukit batok to rent it. So far, it has been a fairly good hassle free experience with this company. They only require a $100 deposit(refundable upon return) and i got mine for about $1.4k for a week. Everything went smoothly, managed to send and fetch my fellow family members from their workplace etc. It's an opportunity that i got to know where exactly their workplace are located at.

Despite having a car around, i was hoping to cover as many houses as possible but we didn't managed to. I realised folks are getting old, got tired more easily, so yeah, didn't really managed to cover much. On a good note, it's a first visit to my special one. :)

Pictures are below, enjoy!

That's all for now. I would like to seek forgiveness to those who i knew and are reading this, if i've ever hurt unintentionally. May this special month brings much happiness and forgiveness to one another.

Yours truly,

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Ramadan Mubarak 2016
Friday, June 10, 2016 || 3:15 pm

This year, we aim to be better. In fact, i hope it grows more every year. My first iftar with B for this year. I just want us to love for the love of the one above and i hope that god will ease our affairs. Oh, and i'm glad to say i've a few photoshoot assignments coming up and yes, this time round, i need to learn to manage my time more wisely. Like seriously.

This love sometimes, it gives me moral anxiety because it has always been a battle for me. :(

On a lighter note, someone is being such a sweetie with words. Thank you love!

Yours truly,

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SG Painting Services Review
Sunday, June 05, 2016 || 7:24 pm

So, one fine day, papa requested us to paint his room. Based on our previous painting experience, it wasn't a good one. We tried painting on our own for almost the whole house but we ended up became tired, shagged, cranky and the end result was ugly. 

Some parts were uneven, some drips of paints here and there, a lot of scrapping to be done. I tapped the corners, borders etc to avoid the paint from dripping etc A lot of work has to be done. Right from re arranging of furnitures to painting then cleaning up plus cleaning up of ourselves. Gosh, such a tedious process. 

Hence, my younger sister asked her friends whether are they able to help out for the painting process and she said they agreed but there's only 2 of them. I was thinking, it would still take quite sometime to get it done. 

I was scrolling Facebook one day and came across this SG Painting Services and saw the services that they offered, so i enquired on their quotations. 

$1350 for; 
-4 colour choices from the Nippon Vinillex 5000 range -painting of ceiling for entire house (inclusive 2 toilets) with matex white -furniture shifting and protection -minor wall repair (plastering and gap filling)

After much considerations, i decided to engage them. Communication with them was good throughout. I was a little skeptical whether or not to trust them because i didn't see any reviews as yet based on their fb. So, i tried to get the owner contact no for easy contact.

I texted him instead, that gave me little reassurance. I was told to make a 50% deposit upon confirmation, via banking. In which, i did and i was given an e-invoice.
There, on the invoice stated the company's reg no and address and i felt relieved that after all, this is a credible company to engage with. Communication was good throughout as the reply were very prompt and on the stated date, the painters came punctually but not the boss, the one i'm in contact with. 

However, that didn't matter much. The promised timing was 9-6pm. They started painting only at 10? After they had their breakfast at my crib. I would suggest that your house be empty. Probably only one family member to be around to monitor their progress would be good enough. 

Because really, i thank god that on that day that i invited them to paint, coincidently, my family went overseas for a short getaway. My house state was like the scene in the movie 'Jumanji'. So, many stuffs to be shifted etc. Hardly have any space to walk around. 

Throughout the process, the boss and his partner came by, then disappeared. That didn't really bother me as long as the painting still goes on. However, by 4pm, i think there's still quite a lot to be done. I doubt if they could finish on time. 

And....i was right. They finally completed the job at about 8pm? So, halfway the boss and his partner went missing again..due to that there was a communication breakdown as the workers couldn't remember which wall to paint what color etc. 

Below are the completed works...

The painting in progress..they include scrapping of wallpaper. That is such a time consuming process and glad that it was done properly. 

So, here's the miscommunication you can see, they mentioned the paint wasn't insufficient, as a result, they used another color to paint. Yes, they did ask my opinion before they paint but i wasn't sure too and i just agreed. So, yes, it was partly my fault too for agreeing to let them paint with a different color. A color which i didn't even choose. 

When my family returns, mum wasn't happy at all with the color combination painted. We waited the boss and his partner to return to collect balance of the payment. Once they arrived, mum started to complain about it. So, the boss was kind enough. He told me, not to pay the balance payment. 

We set a another date on the spot for this painters to repaint the walls. Only then, i balance payment. So, i agreed. On the stated date, as promised, the boss and his painters came and get it all done as desired. He gave me a discount of $50. After the whole process, the next day, he gave me a code which entitles to 10% for next painting job, which can be used by my friends or family, valid till 23/05/2017. 

So, if any of you who happen to know me, looking for some painting services and interested in engaging them, can contact me directly or tag me at my tagboard. And i'll pass you the discount code. 

Overall, i would still recommend SG Painting Services because of the prompt replies, the end result was nicely done as well. As the painters helped to rearranged my furnitures, sweep the floor, throw the rubbish etc  

All is done is a day and all my stuffs were in good condition, no faulty found etc If only, they could stick to the timing as promised and have a black and white form for the painters to refer to while painting then this miscommunication could have been avoided. I've already gave feedbacks to the boss. All is well and i'm thankful that i engaged them. :)

Below is the glitch, as you can see..

Do search them via FB : SG Painting Services

Yours truly,

Paypal Fraud Transaction
Tuesday, May 31, 2016 || 3:57 pm

It was my first time encountering a fraud paypal transaction done through my account. So, there's that particular day that i happened to check my mail and i received an email from paypal stating as below :

You've added a new email address to your PayPal account

Dear abdullah safiah,

This is to confirm that you've added a new email address ( to your PayPal account.

If you want to make this your primary email address - where we'll send all your account-related information - log in to your PayPal account and go to your Profile.

If you didn't add this email, let us know right away. It's important because it helps us make sure no one is accessing your account without your knowledge.

Yours sincerely,

I didn't pay much attention to it because as far as i know, i did not add any email to my current paypal account. After reading that email, i ignored it as i thought it was just a spam or a fake email. However, somehow, my instincts were telling me to check my bank account, in case there's any unauthorised transaction done.

To my horror, i saw a transaction done from my freaking bank account! This transaction is done via Paypal to BS International Pte Ltd. Mind you, this transaction consist of 3digits number. I tried to recall if i did make any transaction done and i'm pretty sure it wasn't me. Furthermore, it was done on a day i was at work where i hardly have the time to even use my mobile.

In addition to that, the transaction was done on the same day i received that email from paypal stating that i've added another email to my account. So, i tried logging in to paypal and i failed! This makes me even more panic. It stated incorrect info etc. However, i was pretty sure that i logged in with the right details.

I wasn't quite sure who to contact first. So, first thing first, i called the bank.

POSB staff answered and suggested to cancel the card to prevent from any further transaction done. They will give a new card for myself in a week time. Secondly, i emailed paypal. Finding the direct contact no to give a personal phone call takes quite sometime for me.

After few minutes of searching here and there, finally, i managed to call them. They said they will investigate and they will refund the amount back. Well, that gives me sigh of relief. They also mentioned to change my hotmail password. It seems that this scammer did this transaction and closed my paypal account. The reason why i can't log in, as explained by the paypal staff.

Lastly, i did a police report via online. Thankfully, after a week or so, i received my new atm card and today, i checked my account and yes, paypal has refunded it back to my account. Alhamdulillah. I'm so thankful that all is well for now.

This taught me a valuable lesson to check my mails more consistently and pay special attention to mails that looks suspicious. Thankfully, it was only 2 days later after the transaction was done that i happened to check my mail. I can't imagine if i were to discover it like few months later or so. I wonder if they will still refund me. I don't know.

This post also goes out to those of you out there who has paypal. Just be a little more careful and take note of any suspicious emails that you received.

Yours truly,

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Welcome dear Ayden Elhan
Saturday, May 14, 2016 || 8:39 pm

In the midst of a very pressurising hectic and intense period, i decided to squeeze some of my time to pay a visit to this lovely couple to see their newborn. Alhamdulillah all is well, mother is recovering and baby seems healthy though a little low in sugar level.

Apart from that, i love the fact that this little boy has such thick hair! Definitely follow the mummy. Hearing her birth experiences, was enlightening. I can never get bored hearing of life stories from various moms on their delivering experience because really, everyone has a different set of complications and unique stories.

Indeed, it's a challenge for moms to endure and go this painful yet beautiful phase of life. My prayers goes to the mommy for strength and speedy recovery and may this little boy grow up to be a filial and wise man. Much love.

Oh and can i say, i love how my B handle this little boy so effortlessly? hee. It seems so natural for him and he didn't even have any difficulties changing position, carrying around and pacifying him. That's such a lovely sight. :)

Enough for today, back to ....mugging. yes, i got no life. tsk

Yours truly,

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A shelter
Tuesday, May 10, 2016 || 1:22 pm

That one fine day when i was working and B texted me saying we've got good news and immediately i felt butterflies in my tummy! All praises to the almighty. Well, results isn't confirmed as yet but we are praying for the best. The next day was our date, our usual routine followed by dessert at Butter Studio.

The cakes there tasted very average, nothing wow about them. Lack of flavour and moistness, i feel. Anyway, back to the good news, we had such an intense meeting. On a good note, glad we had it at Butter Studio because the ambience is so cosy and little crowd. So, really, no interruptions or distractions. hehehe. There's so many things to prepare and take note etc

However, i am glad that the significant date falls during my term break. Really thank god for that because now i'm struggling to mug for my coming wars. I don't how i'll make it this time round cause it gets tougher and intense and with such limited time, i hope i can pull through.

Dear god, i pray the best for us, please help us to make things easy for us.

On another note, he's ageing quickly.:(
The sight of his progress is making me sad. I know i've to accept it as part of life but it breaks me, everytime.

LOVE B, always.

Yours truly,


Pearlista Clementi First Visit
Tuesday, April 26, 2016 || 3:54 pm

I've read and seen the reviews from customers who went to Pearlista and i checked the prices and thought it's quite reasonable and affordable..So, i made an appointment at clementi outlet. A day before my appointment, i received a text reminding me on my appointment.

I chose to go for scalp and hair treatment. For my hair length, it costs $90. My appointment was a 1:30pm and it ended about close to 3pm. So, the first thing that i saw when i entered, the space was quite small. So, moving around the saloon with few other customers along with hairdressers, was quite a challenge.

The place wasn't really neatly organised or well kept. It's quite messy and no drinks or magazines to read were provided throughout the session. My scalp treatment has 2 alternatives, either the mint, for dandruff or ginseng for hair fall. So, based on my condition, i opted for the ginseng.

The hairdresser who attended to me was good in during the washing and massaging and treatment part. However, i was expecting more actually. When it comes to blow dry my hair, i felt that she's quite slow and not as professional compared to some other hair saloon i've been to. Guess, that's forgiven because she did mentioned she was new.

Overall, i'm not too sure if i'm ever returning because i would say the service provided is just average. She recommended me not to wash my hair for 2 days after this treatment. Or atleast 24 hours. Alrighty, shall see how long this treatment will last. Obviously, on my part, i shall do my part to maintain. Hair masks and serum etc.

Nothing wow much, really. Maybe, just another average saloon to go too for hijabis. hehe.
Below are the pictures after the treatment.

Yours truly,

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Thursday, April 21, 2016 || 5:49 pm

And when i feel like i've been neglecting my burning routine. Today, i decided to do a short one, squeezing it in between my hectic schedule. It's really good as it helps to stretch my abs and back. Perks of sitting for too long doing assignments etc.  Try it!

Yours truly,