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Catching up while mugging
Saturday, May 02, 2015 || 9:29 p.m.

Today was my first outdoor mugging date with ayg. Both of us are going to face some exams in a matter of weeks and I have to fully utilize every free minute that I have. We had it somewhere within walking distance from our houses. Well, the place we went to wasn't really a conducive place for mugging but we were left to no choice.

I think we mugged for about 5 hours or so? Somewhere in between we took pauses and used it for catching up. So it was totally refreshing that we could distract our mind away for a while. I love the fact that we both have similar mindset on some common topics because, truly, it's magical! hehehe.

We ended the day off by having dinner at KFC. It's been a long time since I last ate at KFC and truly, I am disappointed with the quality of the chicken. I felt like as if I was eating crap. ;( I ordered 2 piece chicken set meal, changed one of the side to cheese fries and that already costs me $10.40? I was quite taken aback with the price actually. Totally didn't expect the price to reach that amount for the kind of serving that I received.

Even the size of the chicken given were pathetic.

urghh. In this case, MCD is much better or even tenderfresh or tender best. It's much worth spending on these places as compared to KFC if you're looking for fried chicken. I still remember the days where KFC used to be so affordable, along with generous servings. Guess their chickens are malnutrition. hehehe.

Anyway, spending time with ayg always helps me in reflecting back past the days and remembering that for everything that happens, there is a purpose/reason for it. Thank you god for giving me ayg. The one who's been there through ups and downs.

'I'm pretty much contented with how things are now and where I am.' I have to agree to some extent, I'm truly happy for her as she is happy with the state she is now. Alhamdulillah, all blessings from the almighty for given us much love and great companions.

I have to go through 3 freaking papers and god have mercy on me. On a happy note, yesterday was quite memorable for me. :)
I've always love stargazing and tomorrow is such an important date.

Yours truly,


How does it happen?
Sunday, April 19, 2015 || 8:32 p.m.

Guess when some people thought it's almost impossible for us to meet due to different shifts, I'd say, it's all up to how you plan your time. Of course the frequency of meet ups is not high due to shifts but it could happen if we want to make it happen. :)

Yesterday, we had a date to fish&co and I managed to get my errands done. Alhamdulillah. Not only that, I managed to get a pair of sandals for myself also! I'm so... in need of a new sandals.
And today...someone is planning to have a short meet up with me. :)

Blessed and thankful.
To my darl, I pray that you have a fast recovery. Don't think she'll read this but still, I could understand the pain that she's going through. Reminded me of one of my Bb who got into an accident. Urgh.

To all, drive/ride safely.

Yours truly,


Toasties at Tampines
Saturday, April 11, 2015 || 7:17 p.m.

My intention on this post was to do a review on my first time vising toasties at Tampines. However, it won't be purely a review on just toasties but alittle more of what I went through today.

I was working in the morning. Work was as usual, nothing new. No excitement or juicy gossips whatever. So, I was working as per normal when I received a shocking news from him. Not another incident due to carelessness. Initially, I was feeling very disappointed. Suddenly, I felt stressed and my mood totally went down. A part of me also pissed with how it happened. I knew I could react very bad to the situation but I calmed myself and reflect on how I would be feeling if I am in that situation instead.

At that very thought, it changed the way I look at things. In deed everything happens for a reason and probably, this incident serve as a lesson for us. So, I took it positively and tried to console him in every way that I could. We were supposed to meet for a movie. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, plans have to change. I was already thinking of what to do and the whatnots due to the incident.

Towards the end of my shift, I received a surprising news. It had been found. At that point of time it touched me so much. To know how something that could be taken away from us in a split second and yet, if we have faith in him, it could be returned in a matter of seconds as well. Syukran kasiroon. We met at a familiar location, I rushed as we have limited time for the day.

But he made me wait with a hungry stomach and a hot weather, such a bad combination! I was so cranky ttm! Things became smoother after that. Since it was a changed of plans, I've no idea where we're heading etc I wasn't in the mood to ask as well. And so, I just follow suit.

Then, I realized we're heading to toasties! :) hehehe. My first time being there, it was not so difficult to go there as we had a transport and he was very good with directions. I would rate at 3/5. I ordered grilled chicken set meal. Their concept is very much similar as Subway. Freedom to choose types of vegetables and sauces. In addition to that, self service of filling up your drinks. That meal for the day is enough to satisfy my hunger. I would recommend it to people who love sandwiches. The service provided was also positive. Fast and friendly staffs.

A meal includes a side of either cheesy sausages or nachos with cheese! The rates are quite affordable. My sister was asking my opinion on which is better? Yellow submarine of Toasties?

Obviously, I would say Toasties! Yellow submarine was such a disappointment.

So here's my review for Toasties. Okay, you people can go can try!.

Yours truly,

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28/3 to 31/3 Langkawi
Friday, April 03, 2015 || 12:49 p.m.

Below are the unedited photos of our 4d3n first vacation together, after about 10years or more of friendship. As for me&arep, it's our second time travelling together. During this trip, we got to know more of each other annoying habits. All the farts and whatevernots. Gosh.

Overall, truly enjoyed our trip. I would say it's quite a relaxing trip. Ironically, we didn't do much physical activities but once we returned back to our room, we always end up lying on the bed, enjoying the aircon. Probably, it's due to the heat that causes us to be shagged. hehehe. I kept asking myself why does it feels tired despite not doing much for this vacay? hehe. we're getting old. We didn't even stay up late in the night till morning. I think at most about 1-2am, we're already in our deep sleep. That's when we create our own music. If you know what I mean. hehe!

Langkawi is indeed such a beautiful place, filled with preserved natural spaces. I'm truly in awe looking at all the gorgeous creations by almighty. It's breathtaking! Good thing about Langkawi, there weren't much tourist or vehicles. So driving was quite a breeze and we rented a car, in which, I felt we didn't really fully utilize it for all days. But atleast all of us managed to drive it around.

It's been a while that I drove a manual. Wish I've more time to get used to it. I love the cable car & view from the top but if only the weather wasn't so sunny I could have stayed at the skybridge longer. We went to visit some fish feeding at a kelong and tried their gigantic clams which I don't even know the real name of it. Each of that clams costs RM 5 but it's so tasty and juicy! OMGGG. I don't think JB have that though. It was so fresh and yummy. The juiciness of the clams still lingers. I could recall vividly how it tasted the moment I put it in my mouth.

That's all for the short trip. Thank you for making it memorable guys!
To more trips in future, hopefully :))

Yours truly,

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Changes at work
Thursday, March 26, 2015 || 3:48 p.m.

And as it gets mundane due to the absences of my close ones, it became worst when another one of my close is leaving me, again. This changes that i'm facing is affecting me emotionally. Here I am, left, alone. Just like how i started my day 1 at work. Not that i don't have any other colleagues. Yes, i do. But the feeling of having colleagues who you can trust and click along is different than just the normal colleagues. In fact, when i say my close ones, it means they're more than just colleagues to me.

It's a little depressing knowing i need to find new close ones at work, in which, it's a challenge for me. I'm thankful for the presence of B in my life. It gives me another motivation to keep pursuing what i want in life. That's life isn't it? The only constant thing that changes is changes itself. Changes will constantly happens even if we don't want it to happen. As for us, the only thing we could do is to adapt to these changes. Emotional support is definitely crucial to help us cope along the changes in life. That's how human cope in life. We depend on each other.

Thank god that i got closer to a bunch who pretty much can click along with who i am. The faith i have within god is the only thing that motivates me to be a better individual.

Thank you for all the blessings i've been given. Alhamdulillah.

Yours truly,

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200215 I Engagement of Syahidah & Basyir
Thursday, March 19, 2015 || 5:34 p.m.

An overdue event but so meaningful to me and ayg. The day her got 'booked' by her lover. I'm glad to witness this beautiful event and totally in love with the details of the outfit as well as the color scheme.

It's much fun to create your own outfit based on your wants. Than just renting the existing ready outfits. Again, it's up to individual. For some, they do not want to go the hassle of finding their own outfit etc. Personally, I felt like doing my own one when my day arrive. Wish I could do that for wedding outfits as well but I think that's a little too complex.

So, just yesterday I had a date with ayg and she treated me for lunch & dessert and I love the simplicity of our meet ups. More to neighbourhood area, a quiet and cosy environment.

May god bless their love and hope everything goes smoothly till their big day. Insyallah. :)

Yours truly,

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150315 I Wedding of Nuraani & Budiman
Sunday, March 15, 2015 || 11:28 p.m.

I was invited to witness a beautiful joyous occasion today. One of my close girlfriends got hitched! I was there as early in the morning and got to know the nikah process was already done and all left was to help out with the stuffs downstairs.

Yes, you don't need so many friends or even a big number of invitations. Her event was a small one only 200 pax invitations yet it was a beautiful one. We get to stay throughout and I get to entertain the little ones plus making sure the food was enough for the guests.

Indeed, I'm glad to see the familiar faces again and her angels have grown so much! Despite that, they still remembered me but not so much of the moments we used to have when they were younger.

Definitely a moment to cherish with the little ones. In addition to this happy event, I received another good news from a friend :) May allah bless their love & last till jannah.

Yours truly,

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Wedding of Arena & Adam Farid
Sunday, March 08, 2015 || 10:13 p.m.

My dearest congratulations to Ryna, who was once my primary schoolmate cum relative. Seeing how much she's gone through for the past decades, i'm very happy that she has found her other half. More surprisingly is that her hubby was once my ex colleague who i ever went on a vacay together as a group. That's such a small world isn't it?

From what she had shared with me, it seems that this time round this love is blessed so much with all the unexpected surprises that came along with this wedding. It was a simple occassion and that's what it matters.

I pray for this love to be blessed with many happy moments to come. :)

Yours truly,

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Endless wedding invitations
Monday, March 02, 2015 || 8:14 p.m.

He received a bad news today and it hurt him so much because it's affecting the both of us.

I've been so preoccupied with other commitment these days. Hardly have time for myself. I'm juggling with numerous commitments but i'm glad so far, i'm doing pretty good in juggling it. Just that, sometimes, body became tired due to this new routine, it caused me to neglect my duties and my workout session. I need to revise my time management again to have a balance in life.

In a nutshell, i'm learning alot these days. Even that first and probably first session of me as a client, open up my eyes to the reality of this career, if i were to pursue it. It's not that easy after all. Even after a session of it, it feels overwhelming. Hats off to those who could do more than a session per day. I'm still learning so much more.

This new journey is so filled with the kind of knowledge that not only benefit me as an individual but the people around me.

And to you, stay strong my love.

Can't wait for my upcoming vacay, one that i need badly!

Yours truly,

Colleagues that kept me going
Friday, February 20, 2015 || 1:18 a.m.

Yours truly,