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Tuesday, September 16, 2014 || 7:32 pm

He is no mr romantic or whatsoever and we could be of opposite in so many ways but till today, I'm glad to have him by my side tolerating my every nonsense. hehehee!

Missing much. :)

The little conversations we had, I kept it in my prayers. That conversations I had with some other people, made me feel thankful for having someone like you. We all have our flaws but it how we accept and tolerate each other flaws. I'm just hoping for the best.

Yours truly,

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My ayg
Monday, September 15, 2014 || 7:58 pm

If there's one person that I could trust whole heartedly, I know it would by my ayg. Our conversations starts to get serious these days, kind of scares me off. Being with ayg always makes my day. I cant say more but I love sharing with her.
And congratulations to my gf, Syaz, who got engaged just yesterday. Makes me happy to see how their love blossom from years back. :)

Yours truly,

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Wedding of Shika & Jo
Saturday, September 13, 2014 || 11:57 pm

Done for today's assignment. Fatigue but satisfied. :)
Qitareqa first major assignment for this year. Nevertheless, glad that we've made it!

Photos by yours truly.

Yours truly,

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Wedding of SK & Guocai
Friday, September 12, 2014 || 9:17 pm

I was invited to assist my friend who was chosen as the main photographer for this event. My second time invited to an event held on a yacht, within borders. Of course i am more than delighted to join in the fun. Sadly, due to the fact that i already brought alot of stuffs, i didn't bring an extra set of clothings to that event. As a result, i didn't get myself wet. It was so much fun as we stopped halfway to have some snorkelling, kayaking and swimming session. I was having more fun shooting around but things got more challening when the yacht is on the move. Definitely not easy to stabilize myself and to capture the precious moments but all was indeed a good learning experience for me. :)

So blessed to witness this event.
I'm more glad to be able to share my knowledge to my friend who just started shooting. Quite impressive for a starter. I shall post more picts of this event once i'm done editing.

At the end of the day, the best part is to have B fetching me. hee! Spend some quality time together. That's all it matters.
Thankyou, B. :)

Yours truly,

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Visit to The Coffee Daily @ Serangoon
Tuesday, September 09, 2014 || 7:40 pm

We went to The Coffee Daily the other day as I got attracted to the photos that I saw online. B being so good with directions, brought me there and we fell in love with the place. Seriously, the ambience of the café is so cosy and on the day that we went, there weren't much crowd at all. Only few customers were there so, chilling there was really nice. I had the mushroom soup, yummy. Tasted alittle similar to Breeks which I loved! Along with a red velvet cake. They had such an interesting concept of using old furnitures, turning it into DIY furnitures etc. Very much in love. :)

Go pay a visit if you want to experience something different.

Yours truly,

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Wedding Bells!
|| 7:29 pm

Honestly, I felt that this month is filled with so much love! I think this month I received the highest number of wedding invitations! It's insane, back to back, one after another. Nevertheless, I enjoy witnessing such blessed beautiful events, along with pretty decorations and good food! Yummy..

My batchmate, Prem, got married on 6th Sept. It was held at Serangoon Garden Country Club. My second time in life, witnessing an Indian Wedding. I still remember the first time I went, was held at the temple itself. This time round at country club, air conditioned and the food is yummy! hee. I love the colourful decorations of the dais. I felt so happy for him who've been through a lot, from 4 years back of knowing him, now that he's married, I wish happiness for him. :)

Another wedding, Q&Yan, held at the very next day. Thank god, location wise, around Woodlands. I've got Nani to ride me to the location and boy, I was impressed with the variety of food that was served! We sat there for quite a while, just to have few rounds of the delicacies. hehehe. Apart from that, I love the concept of the photobooth that was set up. It was quite innovative of them to use cheap materials, making it look presentable with the arrangement of the props etc.

Actually, I also had another wedding invitation to attend but was located in the East. Due to time constraints, I've to give it a miss. However, I saw the video of the wedding that I missed, it looks quite happening, an interracial marriage.

Weddings aside, I managed to spent some quality time with B. We went café hunting and I really loved the atmosphere of the café. I shall share more about it on my next post. To be continued..

Yours truly,

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Yes, i workout.
Thursday, September 04, 2014 || 7:50 pm

Cutting down on running but focussing more on toning workout these days. I want to tone but not shrink my petite size. Its been ages since I last went to gym because the nearest gym for me is at Woodlands swimming complex. The last time I went there was packed not really much space to really take my time to work out. So, I resorted to working out at home and below is one of my favourite pair of workout chics.

I want more..weights. hee.

Yours truly,

Arep's 24th
|| 3:12 pm

Big boy Arep birthday was yesterday but he was away at Darwin. He's always travelling in and out. He is so lucky to have a group of his mates who are very supporting to travel often and impromptu basis. I feel envy at how easy he travel so often, kalah air steward.

So, i was at work when syai called me for a mini celebration for our big boy. He didn't know i was coming. Syai was kind enough to fetch me from work, then met up with ilah and we had that small celebration among us. hee. The cake was nice bought by syai. For someone who don't know on which cake to buy etc. hehehe. Not bad! So, in the midst of sharing his adventures at Darwin, Arep showed a crocodile jumping for some meat and when being asked how much he paid for it, he mentioned about $100+. It was so hilarious when Syai actually said he rather Arep gave him that cash and he could do the same thing, will look much cuter and will even be able to speak!

I was literally imagining that and it was super funny!!
Meeting the gang always never fail to crack me up.

How time flies that we are all so grown up?! Conversations always revolves around love, career, finance and even settling down.
Don't wanna grow old so fast. :((

Anyway, best wishes for my bff as always. He is still single and available.
So, anyone interested know what to do huh. heee.

It's been a while too since i last had proper convo with my buddy and i'm glad we had it though it's short but really means alot. :)

Yours truly,


Spize @ River Vally
Thursday, August 28, 2014 || 1:01 am

Sorry for the poor quality photos taken by my mobile.

Anyway, today is my off day. Spent my morning catching up on my sleep. I woke up in the noon, did bits of chores then off to an important appointment. It went well, smoothly and i can say i enjoy speaking with that group of people. Well, i'm not hoping for much. I leave it up to the one who knows best for me. Didn't even mention it much to my folks because i don't even have much hopes about it. Nevertheless, thankful for B for being supportive of me. :) Poor boy is unwell.

Ohhh and dinner with dzu at Spize, river valley!

I think i can count with my hands on how many times i went there. The last time i went there, i had their bangers and mash, if i remembered correctly? It tasted good! And i saw a few other interesting dishes that i would love to try if i ever visit them again.

Today, i brought dzu along and we ate like nobody business. The cheese fries serving is alot! Worth the penny. They are so generous with the cheese!! We tried the crayfish noodles and i loved it! I hardly eat crayfish and i'm really surprised with the taste of the gravy. Abit like mee bandung but not totally and it's not spicy! Initially, i thought it would be, due to the color of it but it wasnt! hee. Imma happy girl. Full & fat. :)


And being with dzu always never fails to crack me up. It feels like i'm with coco when i'm out with her. hehehehe!

Yours truly,

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Wedding of Zul & Zan 2014
Monday, August 25, 2014 || 2:22 am

I was appointed by a good friend of mine, Zan to mend the photobooth on her special day. I've been wanting to try doing a photobooth actually and this was the perfect moment to live my dreams.

Preparations wise, wasn't properly done as we didn't have the chance to recci the location before we set up. I rushed right after my night shift. Proceeded straight to home, wash up, did some final preparations of the props then went to her wedding. Boy, it was tough getting a cab on a saturday morning! GRR.

Anyway, once we were there, the event has already started but still very few guests. Boy was there earlier set up the back drop etc. If i've had known we had to paste our back drop against the curtains, i would have be more prepared. Due to the curtains, causes the set up to be not as nice as i pictured.

Nevertheless, had a good time being there for Zan. The event was beautiful and she looks as stunning as ever. I'm in love with her dais by Tahta Tiara. A very nice concept of traditional malay set up. The food was nice too!! mmdapp. I can't imagine being on stage having all eyes on me, not as an actor but as the princess of the day. Gosh. How i wish i could experience that one day.

Anyway, small2 world when i saw my buddy, Syai at the event itself! heee. I should have taken pictures of my props but i was too busy on set. haish.

Congratulations dear Zann, to know her from her single times, attached and now married. It's such a beautiful process.
May your love be blessed with much joy & laughter.

Photos captured via my mobile, so pardon for the quality.

Yours truly,

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