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Kau tak mengerti aku
Tuesday, December 16, 2014 || 12:28 pm

Aku mohon, mengertilah.

Yours truly,

Action expresses priority
Wednesday, December 10, 2014 || 9:24 pm

Have you ever felt like you're not a priority in someone's life? Depite the constant reminders and the fact that you always give your fullest attention to someone but when you receive lesser in return, how do you actually deal with it?

One may admit or express the words of tender and love but when actions speaks otherwise, which should you trust more?

I need some enlightenment.

Yours truly,

My weekend
Tuesday, December 09, 2014 || 2:13 pm

Weekends are spent with loved ones. Saturday, i went rounding with my family. Finally, went to punggol beach and they're done with renovating the place and it is such a beauty! Well, can't expect much from Singapore beaches but truly, i love the atmosphere of the surroundings. There is even a place to ride horses but it's quite pathetic though due to the limited space.

I went to the place where the horses are kept. They're like locked in a jail. Each horse has it own space but it was too small for the horse to even walk around. All they could do is stand there all day long. I feel for them.

I hate this idea of keeping animals for our leisure but not giving the animals the freedom to roam around. As compared to thailand where they use elephants for human's leisure, elephants are not kept in cages. They are given the amount of space for them to roam around. Of course at some parts they're chained to train them but not kept in such confined space.


Anyway, the next day, we had chalet. Mumsy decided to organize one for her family and i enjoyed being there. First time inhistory, i went to chalet and did some workouts with my cousins. That night, i drove the younger ones around and gave them some treats.

Next day, i'm up as early at 7+am, to accompany my niece to go for swimming. Oh, the night before i slept at 3+am, also entertaining the little one. We checked out at about 10+am and went to Changi Village for breakfast. Once, i sent my aunt & uncles home/parents home, then managed to get a short nap before heading to work.

So, what i realized is that, truly taking care of little ones require alot of time and effort commitment. This is a sacrifice that all grown ups have to deal with. Sometimes, little ones have difficulties sleeping and as the adults, we have to supervise them, this requires alot of energy and endurance level especially when you're already fatigue but still has to entertain them.

God knows how the older generations handle alot of children with lots of discipline.

Yours truly,


Little did you know
|| 1:45 pm

Just how accurate can it be?

Yours truly,

Another surprise!
Thursday, December 04, 2014 || 1:59 pm

Had a short date with B before meeting up with this group of people. First melalak session along with the guys and i think we've enjoyed ourselves very much! hehehe. They did a surprise for my belated birthday and makes me feel so embarrassed. Thank you lovelies for the nice time spent together. :))

Oh and kept saying i'm still young because indeed, i'm the youngest among them. hee!

Yours truly,


Honey B!
Monday, December 01, 2014 || 2:33 pm

Literally, he is!

I never expect B to be such a honey. Met up after work and he requested me to come over his place, mentioned something about needing my help. I couldn't figure out what and he didn't elaborate much. A little guess, this could be something fishy but i put off that thought not wanting to face any dissapointment or any unnecessary thoughts.

I went over..sat down alone, waiting for him. No where in sight. Then, all of a sudden, he shocked me from the back and brought me few stuffs. heee! Sangat terharu. :)

Apologies if you think it's all too cheesy. hee. Honestly, this doesnt comes often, especially from him. For someone, who never bought flowers for anyone before. hehehe. I was giggling while asking why he even bought for me. I'm so thankful for everything. Couldn't ask for more. Much loved!

Yours truly,


My special day
Saturday, November 29, 2014 || 1:03 am

It was my special day yesterday and i had a good fulfilling dinner with my family at sakura, Dhobby green. My first time going there. I love the salmon. The variety of food is not as much as the Woodlands outlet but enough to satisfy me. I attacked the sushis and sashimi, the seafood. Yummy. Ate till bloated, blessed to have a good dinner with my loved ones.

Pa was telling the times how things were back then. The responsibilities he think of for every daughter that he received. Indeed, Pa did his job well. Brought me up with education, religious knowledge and provide a shelter for us to live in. Sometimes, i wonder how he managed to do all that with the kind of income he was earning back then. He is truly a responsible pa who wants the best for us, used to be strict on us. Yes, i couldnt figure out back then why he was that way. Only, now i realized it was for my own good. Probably, if he wasnt that strict back, i could be more wild than i am now. Now that we've aged, he's more laidback and one day i hope my future hubby will have his good qualities.

Well, that early morning, i received a wish from someone i used to know. It feels really nice that i'm still remembered. Well, i cant deny, you'll always be remembered too. :) I will always wish for the best for you. Thankyou for teaching me such valuable lessons in life. Maybe you don't know, but i've learnt alot of good qualities from yourself. I still think that having you, is a way of god teaching me to see the good qualities in oneself.

Be kind to others, there's nothing to lose.

To B, who's trying to be better. I love for every effort you try to please me in anyways. Faith, hope & prayers.

Always in heart & prayers. Just you. :)

Yours truly,


221114 I Pre Wedding Shoot of Balkis & Sahlan
Wednesday, November 26, 2014 || 2:01 pm

Busy Bee, yes i am!

I'm not complaining though. I'm thankful. Alhamdulillah for all the opportunites given to me. This Nov, i had a pre wedding shoot.
Apparently, her theme was soccer. We had it at East Coast Park, The Cage. My first time shooting in a futsal where there were so many eyes watching, surrounded by all the high testosterone species. The pressure was there upon being at the location. Furthermore, there were a few games going on. There was even an event competition held on that day itself.

I braced myself, calmed and just stay focus. Indeed, it was challenging to get pretty shots. Due to the lighting of the surroundings, the need to get attention of the subjects. To command and shoot under hot situation. Literally because the fan wasn't on and we were perspiring like as if we had a game.

In a nutshell, all was good. More to be done, in fact, i wish i could perform better. I've to invest on better equipments and upgrade on my skills.

Enjoy some of the photos. Just some, more to edit.

Yours truly,

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Lets push all the bad vibes away and sweat it out!
Friday, November 21, 2014 || 12:38 pm

It's crazy how one can start to overthink and it's like a disease, it's either to fight away all these negativity and choose to be optimistic or you'll be surrounded by it for god knows how long.

As for me, burning is one of my favourite way of pushing away all the bad vibes. I found this fun dance workout video which i've yet to try but i'm loving the stamina of this guy just by watching it. Shall try it soon!

Managed to burn today despite not going out for a run. :) later!

Yours truly,


Beautiful creation
Wednesday, November 19, 2014 || 6:06 pm

By yours truly.